Star Trek Infestation #1

Star Trek Infestation #1


Feb 2011 | IDW

Writing: Scott Tipton | David Tipton
Pencils: Gary Erskine | Casey Maloney
Ink:>Gary Erskine
>Colour: Luis Antonio Delgado
Letters: Chris Mowry

Kirk and his away team, Bones, Spock, and a couple of security officers, head down to a planet where Bones will be receiving an award for a medical achievement. Trouble soon begins when they learn the colonists have been infected with a strange disease.

After reading and being disappointed by Transformers Infestation #1, it was hard not expecting this one to not follow suit. Fortunately, this issue didn’t suck. Events progressed at a good pace, the characters didn’t act out-of-character, and it felt like actual progress was made, unlike the previous garbage. I’m fairly confident things will get better from here, but I’m still worrying about the remaining universes. Transformers Infestation still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

The only little problem I had with this book was Kirk’s hair. It’s way brown. I didn’t really recognize him until someone threw out his name. Other than that, I really enjoyed this issue. The scenario and how things unfolded was believable which is what I really needed after the scare Transformers gave me. I’ll be pressing on and hoping for the best.

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