Transformers Infestation #1

Tranformers Infestation #1 Cover


Feb 2011 | IDW

Writing: Dan Abnett | Andy Lanning
Art: Nick Roche
Colour: Joana Lafuente
Letters: Robbie Robbins

The infestation has hit Transformers’ Earth. The Decepticons had responded first, with the autobts following suit to put them in their place. To deal with the threat, a force dome is put up. They have twenty hours.

I’m not sure if I’m disappointed, or not. The issue pretty much busts right into the outbreak and the Decepticons demanding Prime and his autobats fall under his command to stop the zombie outbreak. The way the issue was handled with just a big fight and Prime taking charge of the scene seemed kinda lame. Why couldn’t they just work together? All that fighting just wasted time.

More happened in Infestation #1 than this. That’s upsetting. I expected as much content as the previous, and it just didn’t deliver. Fighting, fighting, fighting, we setup a force dome. We’ll start figuring things out next issue. It didnt’ really have a good cliffhanger, either, with Britt showing up, which brings me to another complaint.

I do not like Britt’s character design in this universe. She looks ugly and retarded and too much like a girl. If she’s going to be a robot, why not make her look more like a robot than a girl with robot parts snapped on? It’s so disappointing for me. I had been looking forward to seeing whether her apperance would be different from her Vampire one, and they throw that ugly piece of garbage at me.

So, the transformers infestation doesn’t live up to the quality and enjoyment presented in the previous issue. There’s still the other Universes, and there may be a chance at redemption, but I’m not very confident. A lot of time was wasted on Transformers autobot/decepticon rivalry. The little bits of meat you got about the infestation, like how it started when Galvatron tells his story, is actually pretty good. Why couldn’t we just not fight, or cut it short for more zombie goodness? Ah, well. Can’t win them all.

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