Amber Atoms #1

Feb 2009 | Image

Story: Kelly Yates
Art: Kelly Yates
Colour: Michael E. Wiggam

Well, this was mildly entertaining. There’s lots of stuff going on in this issue. We see the last moments of the rebellion against the Dar Tongo followed by an interview of it’s ruler about candidacy for president of the Galactic Counsel. My hunch is he’s not a good guy. Then we move on to Amber and her life at a junkyard.

Her parents are awful. They’re so unsupportive and critical, they need a serious reality check and possibly a good smack. She wanted to go to university, but they didn’t think she was smart enough and even brought in a lack of respect for their elders argument. They still treat her as if she were a kid, and even fault her mistakes even if no one warned her. I can see her frustration. I probably would have ditched them.

This issue isn’t too interesting, mostly setting the stage by showing us some events and leaving us with a typical enemy-shot-to-the-back cliffhanger. My curiosity of galactic events and where Amber fits in will keep me going for now. I’m very curious why anyone with violent intent would be bothering her family. I’m really hoping it something interesting and not clichéd. I get tired of the unlikely hero stumbling into things, or the secret family history, and the daddy or mommy’s secret work.

The art is pretty okay in this comic. Nothing too spectacular, or mind-blowingly awesome. It’s just about right for this type of story and I can almost see it animated.

I’m going to sincerely hope this gets better.

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