Elephantmen #0

Elephantmen #0 Cover

Nov 2006 | Image

Writing: Richard Starkings
Art: Joe Casey
Letters: Comicraft

The disturbing origins of Elephantmen taking place in a lab in North Africa.

Right from the start this book grabbed me. Nikken’s wonderful character, the gruesome progression of his experiment, and the artwork. The art is so wonderful and so detailed and it captures the dark vein of the story. I stared at a lot of panels marveling at the beauty. I am really starting to feel I need an Elephantmen poster or two.

The writing was great. I particularly like the continual Kafkaesque brainwashing belting out through loudspeakers all throughout this book. It was pretty magical. I love crazy science and stuff like this and anything that reminds me of Kafka is always a plus.

There is no sense of self outside of Mappo. No independent thought… only thoughts of Mappo. You will hear no other voice except the voice of Mappo.

Oh, Nikken. How wonderfully crazy you are with your god complex. I’d really like to see more of this guy and his crazy experiments. I can only hope this isn’t the last of him. I want to see him at it again.

I have no idea where the story goes from here. I know nothing of this series, other than the beautiful covers I had seen over the years, so I’m very happy to now have the chance to see what it’s all about. This was a great beginning and introduction for me and I look forward to more.

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