Johnny Monster #2

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Mar 2009 | Image

Writing: Joshua Wiliamson
Art: J.C. Grande
Colour: Owen Hunter
Flats: Leif Giese

Johnny reveals more of his childhood and helps his friend Firebreather, son of the monster king, deal with a rampaging monster.

Meanwhile, news of his monster paradise has hit the street and the people that once loved him have turned on him. Rawke and his men have come to destroy his paradise and all the monsters in it, starting with Johnny’s mother.

I knew that reporter would end up feeling the pangs of guild for what she had done. Ugh. I hate that about this. I also hate the mentality of the people, it’s similar to today. Some animal goes on a rampage, they’ll capture it and relocate it. If it kills someone, it gets put down. Ugh.

The Firebreather cameo I could have done without. I would’ve had the news leaked in a much harsher manner than his friend scolding him for not watching television. Regardless, the outcome doesn’t look to good for Johnny.

Overall, though, I enjoyed this book. It’s not terribly exciting or engaging, but it’s been entertaining. Since there’s only one issue left, I’ll go ahead and pick it up to see the outcome. If it were longer, though, I probably would drop it.

Johnny Monster #1

Feb 2009 | Image

Writing: Joshua Williamson
Art: JC Grande
Colour: Owen Hunter
Flats: Leif Giese

Monster sightings are commonplace and the government has had to contract hunters to take care of them.

Johnny Monster is America’s newest monster hunter that prefers more pacifist methods of hunting monsters as opposed to others in his field. But just where is Johnny taking these captured monsters and why? And how does he speak monster?

I had an idea at the  beginning which was partly right, after reading the journal entries. I knew he had some sort of friendly connection with them. I’m also glad he’s a good guy, in a good guy way. I love monsters and it makes me happy that he’s capturing them and taking them back home.

What I know I won’t like is the bad press. I always hate that in everything I read or watch. It’s up there right next to the bad-law enforcement card. Our miss reporter is denied interviews and stumbles upon something that will change her career for the better. When she spills the news, it destroys the person and she’ feels bad and wants to make things right. Bleh. I really don’t want to have to read that, so I’m going to hope it goes differently.

I also love how one of the little monsters likes listening to heavy metal.

I really liked this issue a lot and it’s only a three-issue run, so I’m going to keep going. I like the monster designs and writing and despite the probably predictability of the plot, I’m going to keep on reading.

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