Pretty Deadly #1


Oct 2013 | Image

Writing: Kelly Sue Deconnick
Art: Emma Rios
Colour: Jordie Bellaire
Letters: Clayton Cowles
Cover: Emma Rios

Two traveling storytellers weave a warning disguised as a tale of Death’s Daughter to the people of an old western town. 

Well, this is weird and I can see where the Sandman and Preacher marriage come from, but it is not Sandman nor is it Preacher and I think it tries too hard.

I had to read the first issue twice to get a feel for things and ensure that I really aren’t clueless from it all. The most I gained from this book is the story of how Ginny, Death’s daughter, came to be. I don’t particularly like how it’s done. I don’t like this story-within-a-story thing going on with the rabbit and the butterfly talking and then the comic proper taking place within that. I got tired of this presentational method a long time ago.

A lot of characters were introduced and the book basically just throws you into the middle of something and doesn’t do it comfortably. I feel like I missed out on an issue #0 and that’s a bad way for me to feel reading the debut of something new which I know nothing about. Everything packed into this book all led up to a weak cliffhanger which doesn’t even compel me to continue on. I found it all to be quite ‘meh’ in all honesty, but I at least found the art enjoyable.

Despite this book having no impact on me at all, I’m going to give it one more chance with a second issue. Perhaps it is just poorly paced for the format and something better suited to exist in a collected form. Some books are like that and better read like that.

We’ll see.

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