Shidima #0

Image and video hosting by TinyPicOct 2001 | Image

Writing: Adrian Tsang
Pencils: Lou Kang
Ink: Ramil Sunga | Rob Armstrong
Colour: Yvonne Poon | Alan Wang
Background: Edwin Garcia
Lighting FX: Pat Lee
Flats: Erik Sander
Letters: Simon Yeung


A pair of assassin, the mage Jandro and warrior Alderan take out a noble in line for royal succession. When Alderan meets up with his partner for a drink at their usual hangout, he quickly realizes something is terribly wrong when his drink is poisoned.

Not a bad begining for another typical ninja tale. That I love period dramas, I’m probably much more forgiving than I should be. So far I haven’t seen anything original. Always taking out bad nobles for the good of the people or to ensure another has a better position. And of course the partner betrayal isn’t new, either.

The art is good, but it was awfully dark and blurry, aside from the action and lightning blurs. There were sectons that looked like the ink bled and even the letters didn’t have much contrast and I found it to be a bit of a strain on the eyes.

I also wasn’t impressed with overall book. Only eleven of the pages was dedicated to story. There were four more pages of sketches followed by two page Lou Kang talks about the construction of a comic. The remaining seven pages were all ads. I felt cheated for paying more than $3 for this back issue. Even the $2.25 price for the time seems steep. I probably should have sought out a TPB.

I hope the next issue is presented better and the story starts to show something original.

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