The Walking Dead #1

Oct 2003 | Image

Creator: Robert Kirkman
Writing: Robert Kirkman
<Pencils: Tony Moore
Ink: Tony Moore
Letters: Robert Kirkman

After getting shot, Grimes wakes in hospital in the middle of a zombie outbreak. After helping out a father & son who moved into his neighbor’s house, he sets off to the big city in hopes to find his family.

After watching The Walking Dead on AMC, which I am still blown away it even exists, I felt compelled to reread my books and attempt sputtering out some words, though it’s difficult containing my thoughts to just a single issue. Knowing already what happens down the line can skew my viewpoint a bit, so here goes.

I know I’m not alone when i say this is one of my favorite zombie themed comics. I love zombies. I never used to. I’m not even sure how or when it happened, but I love zombies. According to several silly online quizzes, I will survive the zombie apocalypse. The question is, will our pal Grimes?

This issue moves fast setting up the setting and scenario and introducing our main hero. It begins with just a few frames of cop vs crazed bad guy, and our hero, Grimes wakes up in a deserted hospital with no clue what is happening. Of course, the place isn’t really deserted, it’s infested with zombies. And of all places to wake up in during a zombie apocalypse, a hospital is not one of them. I love how freaked he gets when he when he encounters his first zombie. Bad, bad day. As the issue progresses, he meets some survivors that moved into his neighbor’s house. I really like how they all interacted and how Grimes adapted the law to fit the situation giving them all that stuff to help increase their survival odds.

As for the artwork, Tony Moore was an excellent choice. His zombies look wonderful and there’s a lot of emotion is his panels. It’s a good match for the story.

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