Warlands Darklyte TPB #1

Image and video hosting by TinyPicAug 2001 | Image

Creation: Pat Lee | Adrian Tsang
Story: Pat Lee
Writing: Adrian Tsang
Pencils: Pat Lee
Ink: Alvin Lee | Arnold Tsang
Letters: Simon Yeung

Hundreds of years ago, Datara’s vampire clans invaded the Warlands. Now, Malagen, Vampire Khan, is making his move to secure the Darklyte armor spoken in prophecy to aid his defeat. But he is not the only one after the armor. The demon lords seek to us it for themselves to free themselves from the ethereal plane. It i up to a small band of heroes to find this armor and save their homelands.

Fantasy is one of those genres easily exhausted. After awhile you see the same sort of warriors face the same sort of hardships just bearing different names and descriptions in worlds that are new, but not unfamiliar.

It is a genre I have always loved, but struggle to find anything uniquely unfamiliar or thought out well enough for me to forgive all the stereotypes and elements many call classic.

This book is one that teeters on the edge. The heroes resemble those I’ve encountered in countless other stories, but have somehow managed to stand out. I’m uncertain if it’s from nostalgia, or something else that Im able to avoid groaning and setting this book aside, or if it’s from my long absence from this genre. I will say that whatever the reason, the characters do come alive through this book and Im almost able to identify and empathize with them.

The story is a bit formulaic following the typical villain downfall that on the verge of success, some silly prophecy makes them retreat and their obsession seethes over the years to a time when the conflict is almost forgotten, then it begins anew. The villain must find the obligatory object said to destroy/defeat him before the heroe(s) and the race is on.

What I find a bit refreshing is how another evil force has joined in the race for their own agenda and how the Vampires are having their own in squabbling. It’s not entirely unique, but makes things more interesting. I think the heroes have suffered a bit too many plot conveniences, but everything moves at a good pace and it feels whole and well thought out in terms of what the future holds.

Another plus is seeing very masculine elves with their large builds and muscles. I am so tired of the typical bishounen, portrayal. I just want to vomit every time I see one. I also love how their behaviors and mannerisms break free of the stere0types as well. It makes me so happy to see someone actually has an imagination.

I want to comment on the art, but I don’t have many words. I’ve already spoken how I like the elves appearance. The dragons look very good. It doesn’t overtly grab my attention, but it’s pleasing.

I’m interested enough in the story that I want to see it’s conclusion, depending how that goes, I may look into the other series as well. I’d really like to see and know more about the Dran.

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