Sesame Street #1


May 2013 | KiZoic

Writing: Jay P. Fosgitt | Patrick Storck | Jason M. Burns | Paul Morrissey
Letters: Deron Bennet | Jay P. Fosgitt
Art: James Silvani | Scott Diggs Underwood | Amy Mebberson
Colour: Dustin Evans
Cover: Amy Mebberson | Jerome Renaume

Elmo gives a lesson on how to read comics, Elmo learns from Super Grover what it takes to be a superhero, Snuffleupagus plays with Prairie Dawn, Oscar images what a stinky stench on the street could be, Cookie Monster imagines the moon is a cookie, the Count counts, and Ernie imagines Bert and himself in several places.

This book is very well drawn and the stories light and adorable, all about imagination and how fun it can be as well as a little lesson about heroism. It reads like child’s book and has the same pacing, so it might not appeal to the grown-up fan, but I don’t see why any child who likes Sesame Street wouldn’t like it.  The stories give a lot of room for parents to get involved, reading together and adding their own imagination into the mix.

I’ll be continuing on with this series and reading it to my niece. She likes Sesame Street and has shown a growing interest in my comic reading when I’m over.

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