Namor #1

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Jun 2003 | Marvel

Story: Bill Jemas
Writing: Andi Watson
Pencils: Salvador Larroca
Ink: Danny Miki
Colours: JD Smith
Letters: Randy Gentile

Namor is the Prince of Atlantis who, as a child, ventures upon a local populated beach. There he meets a girl and spends time playing with her, unafraid to hide his culture. Now, much older, he finds himself struggling to prove himself among his people.

This wasn’t a bad issue, but it didn’t really spark anything. I’ve always loved undersea settings and adventures, particularly Fathom, and that was the sole reason I got into this series. Had I know this would be another Little Mermaid saga, but with a boy, I would never have picked this up.

All things considered, It had a decent enough beginning showing Namor’s childhood and then switching to the present to find nothing much had changed. But like most previews go, it’s just a little taste and setup to try and draw in readers. Only this one failed.

The setting is almost enough for me to continue, but I don’t particularly like Namor’s character in this issue. He’s still the brat he was when he was small. The fact his family doesn’t seem to treat him any differently now that’s he old enough to be considered a man, it’s no wonder why he hasn’t changed. I’m only slightly interested in seeing how he develops and where the story goes. I’m not expecting anything spectacular, though.

Ultimately, my continuation of this series relies on my finding the issues extremely cheap, or finding a TPB at the library.

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