Ruins_0002009 | Marvel

Writing: Warren Ellis
Art: Cliff Nielsen | Terese Nielsen | Chris Moeller
Letters: Jon Babcock

This one-shot collects both issues of the mini-series and follows ex-Daily Bugle photog, Philip Sheldon as he travels the world gathering material for the book he’d like to write.

Everything that could have gone wrong in the world of Marvel, has. This is not a happy story of supers saving the world, but a twisted world saving it from supers. They are not the thrilling heroes we are familiar with, but twisted abominations of things that just went wrong in a rather dark, dystopian world. The tone of the book is heavy and depressing, grating the edges of my mind and showing me a dark world I’d like to see more of. A horrible world filled with people clinging to life and scraping away an existence from the filth they’re surrounded in.

It was a great read. I’m very fond of Ellis’ writing which, combined with the messy-gritty painted art, showed me a believable alternate world-a sad, depressing world of mostly psychological horrors from the shock of it all. To illustrate an example, a bit of material he collected for his book include a disturbing photograph of Emma Frost. She stands smiling with her arms around a bald child with Frankenstein stitching at a weird angle across the skull. Three more children stand with them. Emma is the priestess of the Church of the Next Generation. Her children are legally adopted by members of the church and undergo surgeries to awaken their psychic abilities. It’s disturbing and there’s a horror in that.

My chest feels heavy after reading this. I’m glad it is over and feel relief, yet unfulfilled from the ending. While part of me wishes to see more stories of this nature set in this “alterniverse.” the rest of me is happy that it all ended here.

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