Spider-Girl #1

Spider-Girl #1 Cover

Spider-Girl #1 Cover

Apr 2011 | Marvel

Writing: Paul Tobin
Art: Clayton Henry
Colour: Chris Sotomayor
Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Spider-girl is back on the beat despite having previously lost her super powers. Living with her dad and still going to school, she spends her free time cleaning up the streets and tweeting her exploits. Things take a bad turn when Red Hulk shows up.

It seems a lot of comics I’ve been reading have begun with various words equating to how I never knew annoying about them. It has really made me question how much I really know about certain genres and my hobby. There is a lot of miscellaneous knowledge in my brain, and I can recognize a lot of characters in things, but most often than not, I’ve never read much, or anything of them.

Spider-Girl is one such topic. I can identify her in costume, but I couldn’t really tell you anything about her. I don’t read a lot of ongoing series, or long established things. My interest won’t always hold out. I prefer to read TPBs of story arcs that interest me, especially when they span several different series. Fortunately, the start of this issue gives a brief intro to the character before getting right into things, so I was able to read the book with more confidence.

I think I’m going to really like this. There are so many things about the character that I like. I like how the exposition is in the form of Spider-Girl’s tweets. I think that’s really cute. I like her personality and how she and her dad interact.

My daughter races across rooftops, swings through the streets, and then complains about walking up two flights of stairs.

Her time spent with Sue Storm was another great moment for me, especially the joke about hulk versus the thing, and their little heart-to-heart. It had a lot of nice heart warming moments for me that made me really believe and identify with Anya. The issue also had good balance between home life and super hero time, making it more real for me. I look forward to reading more.

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