The New Avengers AAFES Exclusive #2

Image and video hosting by TinyPicOct 2005 | Marvel

Writing: Paul Jenkins
Pencils: Graham Nolan
Finished Art: Tom Palmer
Colour: Chris Sotomayor
Letters: VC’s Rus Wooton

Pot of Gold

Mr. Fisk has made and iven a disrupter suit to an American hating fundamentalist in order to steal AAFES money from a vault.

The Avengers and Fantastic Four stumble onto this plot as they spend the day delivering goods to overseas troops to show their support and appreciation.

This was one of those things that gets stuffed in your bag on post and also is the only Avengers and Fantastic Four I’ve ever read.

I’m not even sure where to begin with my loathing. This was horrible. Why would Fink waste his time with this vault heist to cover up his bank hacking. Seriously. What is he expecting? Are armed soldiers going to run away from their computers to deal with Mr. Bank Robber breaking into an empty vault? Stupid. Are people really not going to notice multiple attacks on their computers? Etherial-whatsits my eye. Just shoot me. This is so dumb.

And what’s up with Captian America’s speech? Can we be any more saturated with his funky patriotism?

Heroism is going where you’re told to go, as much as you don’t like it.

It’s understanding the big picture without understanding the pieces.

I really would like to throw that guy into the real world. Does he ever listen to himself? Ugh! His speech emblazons all I hate about classic supers. The Tick is the only exception bearing actual wit and humor.

Why am I not surprised that our foreign, anti-american zealot refers to the US as a satanic empire. Can’t we be original? And why would he resort to helping Mr. Fink? A free pass out of the country is clearly useful to him, but I’m more inclined to believe he has his own people fully capable of managing that.

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

The last few pages of this book have lots of text on The Avengers history I didn’t bother reading, and t the center of the book is a two page poster of the Fantastic Four with the giant “America Supports You” message and logo. Very terrible design, too.

I won’t hold this awful story against either of the two super teams, since these are just special one-shots, but I never want to see one of these AAFES exclusives again.

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