Ythaq – The Forsaken World #1

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2008 | Marvel

Writing: Christophe Arleston
Art: Adrien Floch
Colour: Crazytoons

Terra Incognita

When the Comet’s Mist crash lands on the strange planet of Ythaq, Granite must do her best to stay alive and out of the hands of mercenaries that would like the secrets of their technology while searching for other survivors.

I hate it. I can’t stand it and pretty much skimmed over most of the last third of the book.

I can’t stand the Banfoo and their annoying accent. During the trial, I skipped over all their lines. I just didn’t want to decipher it and didn’t care what happened anyway like most of this book.

The main characters are dull and don’t stand out as being anything more than annoying and typical. I can’t relate or identify with any of them and couldn’t care less what happens to any of them. That goes for the supporting characters as well. There’s nothing new here. This just blends in with every other flakey sci-fi/fantasy that turns my brain to pudding and puts me to sleep.

The only thing I like about this book is the setting. The locations and strange fauna are very imaginative and inspiring, but not enough to carry my interest. This might have been better if it were more serious and not so flakey, but I’m not giving this another chance. There’s no way I could stand reading any more.

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