He-Man Meets Ram-Man – Mini Comic

0114_full1982 | Mattel

Writer: Gary Cohn
Pencils: Mark Texeira
Inks: Todd Smith
Colour: Anthony Tollin

I actually have quite a few of these mini comics, which I forgot about until one of my cardboard comic boxes broke making a bit of a mess. This happened to fall out from the bottom.

This story details He-Man’s first encounter with Ram-Man. It Reminds me of the cartoons and why I love them and the toys so much. This is more of a cool collector’s item than a good read. The story isn’t bad, it moves quickly for a mini comic giving a quick digestible story we kids loved back-in-the-day that now only offers nostalgia.

Since these can be hard to come by and your odds of getting your hands on one solely depends on money, time, and some seriously smart shopping, I’ll go ahead and summarise the story.

He-Man encounters Ram-Man for the first time and they fight for an entire two panels. Rammy is convinced He-Man is evil and who should come and agree, Skeletor who manages to convince Rammy to join him and attack Castle Grayskull. Angry, and convinced He-Man is inside, he tries to beat down the door. But when he gets tired and wants to rest, Skeletor uses his magic to force him to keep going. At the same time, He-Man had been saving some Eternians against this big four-armed beast. The Sorceress arrived to tell him the dire news, and He-Man jumps into the Attak-Trak to reach Grayskull. Bam! Smack! Zap! Skeletor and Beastman are defeated and a new friendship is born.

What I find so interesting in the mini comics is we see the first stage of evolution for the Sorceress. In the mini comics, she was called The Goddess and had green skin and wore cobra armor. This comic comes from the second series of the mini comics where she’s referred to as The Sorceress and looks more like the Teela of the cartoon series but still wears the Cobra armor. Teela is actually a clone of the Sorceress made by Skeletor. Confused? I was. However, it all lent itself to the relationship most know as Teela being the Sorceress’ daughter in the cartoons. Both comic characters are named Teela, but at one point, she stopped being the Goddess and named Teela-Na to ease the confusion. Her threads also were upgraded to appear more bird-like just as in the Cartoons.

I didn’t plan to post anything about this comic, until I saw the Sorceress. I felt compelled to talk about it, maybe appease some He-Man fan out there unfamiliar with the mini comic universe. When I come across the others of interest, I’ll do another write-up.

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