The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks #0

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2009 | Moonstone

Created by: Lee  Falk
Writing: Mike Bullock
Pencils: Silvestre Szilagyi
Ink: Sergio Mulko
Colour: Bob Pedroza
Letters: Joe Gentile

This is a retelling of the first Phantom’s origin story. I’ve never read anything Phantom, nor do I know anything of him which makes this a great thing for me and anyone else who have missed out.

This is basically the beginning of a new maxi series Moonstone’s putting out this month involving tales from all the Phantoms, each involving different talent. That series is called The Phantom Generations.

The Phantom is old and I don’t like a lot of old things when it comes to comics. But I’m a sucker for previews with nice covers, so it ended up in my collection, finally to be read.

I don’t like the art, but I like how it has an old look and feel to it. If I was a Phantom fan, I’d probably appreciate that more, but it’s decent nonetheless. The writing is a little odd and sometimes seems a little inconsistent in terms of keeping the exposition in character. It seems to fall out every now-and-then.

Aside from the story, we get some pages out of the new Phantom Handbook which remind me exactly of those old comic book character cards, but with more information. The sample pages include The 21st Phantom, Diana Palmer-Walker, Guran, Chane, Devil, Hero, and Kamil Kazi.

I’m not sure if I’ll continue on with this. The idea of Generations appeals to me, I tend to like one-off works like that showcasing various talent, but I might not like it much not being an existing fan. I’ll have to think it over more before investing any more into it.

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