Jumper Jumpscars – #1

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Jan 2008 – Oni Press

Story: Nunzio Defilippis | Christina Weir
Illustration: Brian Hurtt
Colour: Jared M. Jones
Lettering: Douglas E Sherwood

What a great read. Now I haven’t seen the movie, nor had I any desire, mostly because I dislike Hayden Christensen.

This series is the prequel to the movie and does a good job setting up the conflict. The story is from the view of the Paladin’s and we follow a young Paladin on her mission and see the morality behind their actions. Jumpers are viewed as so dangerous, they must be killed as soon as they’re found. So we mostly talking about killing kids, here, as this issue states that a suspect being 15 is really old for a Jumper. We’re taken down the first steps of this Paladin’s job and see how viewing them as the people they are is a big mistake.

The storytelling is rather exceptional, considering. The flow is good, and it really draws you into the dark setting. And as a first issue, I’m very interested to see what follows.

And of course the art plays a big role in this. The dirty, brown pallet adds to the bleakness of the setting and when vibrancy is used, it has a more profound effect, adding warmth.

I’m impressed. Not incredibly so, but I expected this comic to be crap and it turned out to be a nice surprise.

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