Bodie Troll #1

coverApr 2013 | Red 5 Comics

Writing: Jay P. Fosgitt
Art: Jay P. Fosgitt
Colour: Jay P. Fosgitt | Evan Shaner
Cover: Jay P. Fosgitt

Bodie, a super cute troll’ tries, must save the troll from an awful cute-eating monster.

The art for this book is adorable and Bodie is just too cute. It’s amusing to see how angry he gets being unable to scare goats, but it’s not a new concept and not one I like very much, either. While everything is nice to look at and fun and adventurous and written well, I found it pretty boring and pretty vanilla. I’ve watched cartoons with plots like this and they always go the same route. I won’t be tracking down the remaining four issues. I feel I got all I could from it from the one.

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