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Mar 2008 | SLG Publishing

Everything: Jamie Smart

This book was a random purchase online based solely on the cover and text taken from the back of the book. No other images were available to me and I didn’t bother searching. The text on the back was more than enough to get my attention and win my money.

I really should have looked this up. It would have saved me the shock of finding out this wasn’t what I thought it was.

What we have here is a nonsensical story with IQ draining qualities. It revolves around the main central characters ending up in a strange world and their struggle to get out. When each character is introduced, we get a brief interlude introducing the character to us in the form of a separate strip, after which the, uh, story continues.

I would never have knowingly purchased this. I hate things like this. Dancing, singing poo that can combine to become a giant mecha dookie, a monkey suffering tourette’s becomes a WMD when witnessing violence, the world’s angriest robot, and a little girl that makes things explode by touching them – no no no. I want none of it. I can barely believe I read all of it. It’s complete nonsense. NONSENSE!

I am forever scarred by these cute, little characters in their cute little panels. I was expecting this to be horror. To some extend I got it, just not how I wanted. I have never felt such terror at nonsensical, foul-mouthed cuteness.

Bum conker!!

Yes. That what this is. One big giant… well, nevermind.

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