Haunted Tank #1

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Feb 2009 | Vertigo

Writing: Frank Marraffino
Art: Henry Flint
Colour: Lee Loughridge

Shock and Awesome

It’s modern-day Iraq and a tank happens to be haunted by a confederate civil war general who makes his appearance after the tank is assaulted during emergency repairs.

I’m really surprised I picked up another Vertigo title since I’m struggling so much with Vinyl Underground. This attracted my curiosity just on the concept alone and I just had to know.

Is that what you saw? I saw an antiquated relic trying to stay relevant.

I really like that line. In fact, it’s the only line I like out of this entire book. The writing is typical soldier swearing, which is to excessive for me, but I did like Jeb’s lines early in the book. As I progressed through the book my mind ended up interpreting him like Yosemite Sam from Loony Tunes.

It’s interesting that Stuart is black. Makes things a little more interesting, but I’m not sold. The reactions to having seen the ghost didn’t really connect with me along with anything else. I just couldn’t get into it. I found it pretty much ho-hum all throughout. I won’t be bothering with any more.

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