iZombie – Dead to the World (vol 1)

coverMar 2011 | Vertigo

Writing: Chris Roberson
Art: Mike Allred
Colour: Laura Allred
Letters: Todd Klein
Cover: Mike Allred

Collecting issues 1-5 and short story printed in House of Mystery Halloween Annual #1.

After consuming her monthly brain, she seeks to resolve unfinished business of its previous owner and stumbles upon something bigger – an ancient egyptian mummy who tells her of her true state and how to retain her unlife and warnings of hunters lurking in the city.

This was really cool for a zombie story. We have Gwen, a gravedigger who happens to be a zombie. She must consume a brain once a month in order to retain her memories and prevent herself from turning into a slack-jawed brainless shambler. She also ends up with the memories of the person and a voice in her head. She has a ghost as a friend as well as a were-terrier nicknamed spot. We also have like a sorority of vampire chicks living on a reservation which is their paintball business who limit their feedings to the grounds. Unfortunately, one of them ventured off rez and fell victim to those monster hunters the mummy spoke of which conveniently saved a co-worker and friend of Spot.

Lots of stuff happened and we have lots of supernaturals running around a modern-day earth. I wonder if Dixie is anything special. I half expect her to be the way Gwen speaks of her, but it could just be the book trying to get me to think that way to surprise me by being otherwise.

The ghost is my favourite out of the group, though. I really like her. Ghosts are probably my favourite supernatural thing because of how versatile they can be.

There’s only one thing I disliked about the book, really. That’s how the mouths, lips, of people look. Some of them look a little duck-faced to me in certain panels and it really stands out to me. Emo duck-face.  That’s my only criticism, really. The book remains awesome and I intend to get the rest of this.

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