Sweet Tooth #1

Sweet Tooth #1 Cover

Nov 2009 | Vertigo

Writing: Jeff Lemire
Art: Jeff Lemire
Colour: Jose Villarrubia
Letters: Pat Brosseau

Out Of The Deep Woods

Gus is a hybrid, a normal boy who just happens to have antlers. For whatever reason, there used to be more of them, but now he’s the only one left. He also happens to be sought after by hunters and dream of a strange man chasing him. The most important thing, he has a sweet tooth, and the hunters have found him.

I’ll state right off the bat I never planned to read this book because the art put me off. I had never seen a cover that I liked, and the name just didn’t go well with whatever it was I was seeing on the cover. I decided to give this book a go after attending ECCC and sitting in the Vertigo presentation. Somehow, for whatever reason, something in that hour changed my mind. After reading this book, I feel almost ashamed.

I still don’t like the art, but I’ve gotten used to it after this issue. I couldn’t really say what I would prefer. The writing and twisted story are what sell it to me. I almost don’t care what the art looks like. It’s very well-written and I hung on every word. I need to get more of this on my next outing. I want to know why he has antlers, why he’s the only one left, and where the story goes.

Sometimes at night, when I wake up real late, I can hear my dad talking to God. He whispers, but I still hear him.

I even hear him crying sometimes, when God says something sad.

He don’t think I can hear him, but I do… I always do.

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