Unwritten #1

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Jul 2009 | Vertigo

Created By: Mike Carey | Peter Gross
Colour: Chris Chuckry
Letters: Todd Klein

Tommy Taylor and the Bogus Identity

The son of a brilliant children’s author, and written as a main character is his best-selling Tommy Taylor series has problems. His identity as his father’s son is in question and a fanatical chapter of his fan club is convinced he is the REAL Tommy Taylor born not of this world, but the one written.

This book had me going for a long time into it. The writing’s so good and the mystery of his identity and how it spirals downward really grabbed me.

Then it became a bleep skirting the range of my crap radar when this whole he-came-out-of-the-book thing started to hold some weight with that crazy count ready to blow Tom up with a nail bomb. The pit of my stomach can’t help but start going ugh.

I can’t say for certain I know where it’s going, but if turns out to be one of those everything-in-the-book-is-real things, I’m done. The very concept puts me off. I’m very uncertain about giving the next issue a go. I have fond memories now of a great idea of a book. I’d hate for this to turn into another disappointment.

I guess all I can do is cross my fingers and hope for the best when the next issue hits shelves.

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