Stingers #1

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Mar 2009 | Zenescope

Writing: Joe Brusha | Ralph Tedesco
Art: Wagner Reis
Colour: Priscila Ribeird
Letters: Crank!

Part One

This follows your basic alien monster invasion plot. A highly advanced alien race ends up with a dying home world, so where is the only place that has what they need? Why, Earth of course. And just like the movies, we see fragments of the main characters lives until the first victim falls and start turning into something weird.

It is probably only out of my love of horror movies and addicted to the crappy Sci-Fi Saturday Movie that I could possibly have any desire to buy this, let alone like it. And for whatever reason, I do like it. Actually, the reason is purely the horrible insect aliens. I have this thing for weird insect aliens.

This issue was all right, just like any other B-rate movie. This is all that boring stuff you sit through for half-an-hour or more before the real fun starts. Which had better be the next issue, like the wonderful preview image, or I’m dropping this.

I’m not too fond of the art, but the aliens look really good, so that’s a plus for me, since they’re the only reason I’m interested in this. The writing is a bit higher than a B-movie, but we’ll see how it goes when the bad stuff hits the fan.

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