Little Little

Little Little

2008 | Serialized in Comic Yell

Writing: Rokuko
Art: Rokuko

An ill young girl deals with her loneliness by befriending animals.

I enjoy phonebook manga. Especially those containing lots of useless, cool inserts and toys. It’s also my way of discovering new things. I don’t venture to Kinokunia often anymore, and when I do, It’s typically for specific things and I just don’t have the space for hoarding massively thick mangazines.

Little Little was a cute, short story that graced the pages of Comic Yell magazine. It had very little dialogue and relied on detailed art to tell the story. Each chapter dealt with a specific event in the young girl’s life and answers the question “will she find a real friend”.

Through the detailed artwork, you see she is very ill and doesn’t attend school. She lives in a nice house in the country away from people and is taken care of by a family servant. One day she befriends a cat which is drawn as a little cat girl. As the story progresses she makes new animal friends and they have little adventures. These little adventures remind me of how Yotsuba&! is told in that each segment feels like it could stand alone, but there is a progression and order to them.

There was one chapter that really stood out to me. The young girl was ill in bed with a damp cloth on her head. Wanting to help, the little cat girl went out and found a turtle to use instead of the damp cloth and put’s it on the girl’s forhead happy to help. The servant took the turtle and you see the little cat girl trying to snatch it back. This story just has a lot of that warm cuteness that isn’t over saturated.

The ending seemed a little fast in coming, though this is a short story. However, it does bring closure and pose some interesting questions to the reader regarding her animal friends. Without spoiling, my take on it involves the girl’s imagination at work which really solidifies the possibly confusing ending.

This was nice, short, and gave me the warm fuzzies. I’d be interested in seeing Rokuko’s other works.

(Note: Comic Yell Volume 6 featured Little Little on the cover and contained the 5th installment of the story)

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