A Centaur’s Life vol. 1


Nov 2013 |Seven Seas Entertainment

Story & Art: Kei Murayama

If you take the world as it is now, but instead of humans, inhabit it with various supernatural creatures, you’ve got the setting of this very strange modern-fantasy slice-of-life school manga.

Himeno is a centaur and the centre of the story which follows her life’s adventures with her school friends.

I don’t even know where to begin. The content of the first chapter had me fearing things were gonna go the graphical ecchi route and I’m so glad it didn’t. When you have a centaur afraid to date because she’s worried what her… bits… might look like, it should be understandable. If not, it should be when her friends offer to show her theirs. I was SO WTF, I nearly couldn’t continue. If I had gotten this for myself, I would have stopped right there, but it was a get well gift, so guilt started setting in with my contemplations of quitting. Fortunately, subject matter improved with the rest of the volume.

I must say, though, there doesn’t seem to be any continuous plot going on. Chapter-to-chapter feels very all-over-the-place and I didn’t like any of them. The chapter about the school play with the almost shoujo-ai content nearly changed things, but it probably won’t go that way, so I won’t be sticking with it. Again, this type of stuff isn’t my thing. I hope she doesn’t get me any more of this…

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