Alichino (アリキーノ) Vol. 1

CoverAuthor: Shurei Kouyu

Tsugiri was born with as an Alichino bond and meant for sacrifice as a child, only that never happened. His life is now threatened by those beautiful devils.

This is my fourth time reading through this book and I honestly like it only for the art. The story is pretty thin in this volume and it’s very difficult to determine who is speaking in many of the panels. There also aren’t very clear segways between scenes, so the passage of time is rather nebulous. This alone would be grounds for me to trash the book, but I really do like the art and conceptually it’s interesting. There is the vain hope the next two volumes will be improved, but it’s difficult to maintain any desire to continue. The latest volume was in 2001 with a fourth one in the works since then and last bit of news I could find on the matter dated in 2005, so it seems this ongoing has died. Perhaps it’s for the best.

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