Drifting Classroom vol. 1


Aug 2006 | Viz

By: Kazuo Umezu

After a terrible fight with his mother, Sho goes to school only to find himself and the entire school the only thing standing in a surreal desert landscape after a mysterious earthquake. 

This book is intense. Once the earthquake happens and the school ends up somewhere weird, the entire school breaks down. Teachers have to take extremes to keep control, violence even breaks out, and you’re swept up all along with it wondering WTF.

What shocked me were the emotions and the behaviors of the children and adults. They were all very believable to me, regardless of how crazy some of them were. With what has happened this far, and the cliffhanger at the end, it’s pretty obvious things will only get worse, go darker, and I have no idea just how things could get any worse, or even better for that matter. It all seems hopeless for everyone and I wonder what even happened to them, where they even are, and what end this is spiraling towards.

I must get more of this next week.


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