Kurohime #1

Kurohime #1 Cover

Sep 2007 | Viz Media

Everything: Masanori -Ookamigumi – Katakura

Kurohime, a powerful witch able to use magical guns, had been transformed into a little girl. When she fall in love, the curse will be broken.

I should have known what I was getting myself into after reading the back, but the cover images and the idea of magical guns appealed to me, so I took a chance and dropped the $8 to give myself something to read after work.

Starking with the good points, this magic summoning bullet thing is pretty neat. It makes for interesting duels. Kurohime is one sexy badass, but it all goes to pot when she’s a whiny little brat. Why couldn’t it keep the awesomeness throughout those cursed moments? Why do we have to sink into stupid, pointless flakedom.

Hey! You can’t leave me here! I’m Kurohime! I’m the Kurohime you’re in love with!

I hated Elfen Leid for the same reason. It was so dark and wonderful until she washed up on shore, found by those stupid kids, and had the mentality of a toddler.

Kurohime is way to old for Zero to be the one to break the curse and it seems way out of character for her to even feel anything for this kid, whom she apparently had saved in the past. It’s just so stupid. There’s just so much potential for this to actually be cool, but the dramatic change in tone during her time as a child just ruins everything. There’s no way I can keep reading this.

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