Btooom! vol. 1

coverFeb 2013 | Yen Press

Tyranus Japan is the creator of a team-based TPS called Btooom where players utilise explosive in order to kill opponents. Ryota happens to be a top player of the game and aims to take the #1 spot. Things don’t go too well for him when he wakes up in the wilderness hanging by his parachute which caught on a tree. There, he finds himself playing the game for real with 30 other people. In order to get out, he must collect 7 chips from opponents. Of course, they can only be collected from the dead.

So we have another murder game type of thing going on and I happen to really like them. While they have a certain predictability to them since all of them have a goal that must be achieved, you never quite know how things will turn out, and already it surprised me. I didn’t expect him to team up with the old man, and I didn’t expect the girl going for the ration drop to have fallen into a trap. In retrospect, I should have. I’ve seen things like that before.

I had wondered if he would assemble a team, since it is a team game. I’m wondering if he’ll end up with the first girl he saw and who else he’ll collect. He seemed to be a bit of a jerk in the beginning, so I wonder if he’ll pull a double-cross. Whatever the case, I really need more of this. I’m really enjoying it.


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