Super Nice Covers

I tend to view covers as part of the entire package when buying comics. It helps break the uncertainty of trying something new and gives me something pleasant to stare at. Granted, many covers are one-off’s done solely to appeal to a collector and my weak will, but their impact remains absolute. While we may not judge books by their cover, comics are an entirely different affair.

As I’ve been spending my mornings perusing my collection, having a relaxing read while diligently updating this blog, I had the idea of a new feature based solely on covers.

Behold! Super Nice Covers! A gallery of my most treasured covers that have wowed me like no other.

Kingdom of The Wicked #1 This creepy image totally intrigued me. The oversized toys in the horizon, these strange soldiers – the curiosity compelled me to buy it. After reading it, I find the image also captures perfectly the horrific nature of the war.


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