Proof: The Company of Men

Cover2009 | Image

Writing: Alexander Grecian
Art: Riley Rossmo
Colour: Fiona Staples | Adam Guzowski
Letters: Alexander Grecian

Collects issues 6-9.

Ginger, Elvis, and Proof set off to Africa to rescue a dinosaur targeted by big game hunters. Unfortunately, it was all a trap to capture Proof and serve him up as dinner at a banquet.

After reading the first trade, I imediately set into the second. It took me a bit of time to get through, mostly having other things vying for space on my proverbial entertainment platter, but it was a nice savoury piece of betrayal, drama, and satisfying conclusions. I never suspected anyone at the lodge of being a traitor. Not so soon into things, and it just came out of nowhere. Nicely done.

What they did with the Colonel at the end of that mess I found to be quite satisfying. Will he be causing more trouble in the future? Probably. I don’t see why he wouldn’t and he seems bent on escape. I suppose we shall see.

I’m not sure how I feel about Elvis cutting his hair and getting that makeover. It doesn’t look like him at all. I’ll agree it is good to make a good first impression, but he’s already met Ginger and if you’re gonna dress nice and stuff, you want to at least still be true to yourself, right? I liked his weird style.

Oh well.


Proof: Goatsucker

Cover2009 | Image

Writing: Alexander Grecian
Art: Riley Rossmo
Colour: Tyler Jenkins | Riley Rossmo
Letters: Alexander Grecian

Collects issues 1-5.

Agent John Prufrock, Proof, is a sasquatch, a sasquatch that happens to work for The Lodge, an organisation that investigates and works with the strange creatures that live in our world. Proof receives a new partner and investigates a sighting of the chupacabra. 

Riley Rossmo earned a place on my art stalking list when i first read this book. I really like it and I need to see what else he’s worked on. I really like his style and the creatures in the habitat, the faeries and that awful devil were magical things. Of course, there’s also the Goatsucker herself. I really need more. I currently only have the first two trades.

In an episode of Comic Chat, I had spoken about comics that could make great television shows. Proof is one of them. It’s intelligent, interesting, and everything is believable. They provide enough for everything to be reasonably explained in a non-supernatural manner. These are all normal creatures without magic or any other hocus-pocus tomfoolery. I think there’d be great appeal for this and it could be quite good with the right people on it.

One can dream.

This trade collects the first story of the series, Goatsucker, which entails tracking down the chupacabra who keeps changing skin while also getting us familiar with the Lodge and what it does. It also sets us up for the future with something very strange going on. The Goatsucker and a resident of the habitat all spoke of the same thing and eluded to some future mystery. Oh, curiosity!

It’s an excellent read for anyone who likes urban legends and I highly recommend it.


Ruins_0002009 | Marvel

Writing: Warren Ellis
Art: Cliff Nielsen | Terese Nielsen | Chris Moeller
Letters: Jon Babcock

This one-shot collects both issues of the mini-series and follows ex-Daily Bugle photog, Philip Sheldon as he travels the world gathering material for the book he’d like to write.

Everything that could have gone wrong in the world of Marvel, has. This is not a happy story of supers saving the world, but a twisted world saving it from supers. They are not the thrilling heroes we are familiar with, but twisted abominations of things that just went wrong in a rather dark, dystopian world. The tone of the book is heavy and depressing, grating the edges of my mind and showing me a dark world I’d like to see more of. A horrible world filled with people clinging to life and scraping away an existence from the filth they’re surrounded in.

It was a great read. I’m very fond of Ellis’ writing which, combined with the messy-gritty painted art, showed me a believable alternate world-a sad, depressing world of mostly psychological horrors from the shock of it all. To illustrate an example, a bit of material he collected for his book include a disturbing photograph of Emma Frost. She stands smiling with her arms around a bald child with Frankenstein stitching at a weird angle across the skull. Three more children stand with them. Emma is the priestess of the Church of the Next Generation. Her children are legally adopted by members of the church and undergo surgeries to awaken their psychic abilities. It’s disturbing and there’s a horror in that.

My chest feels heavy after reading this. I’m glad it is over and feel relief, yet unfulfilled from the ending. While part of me wishes to see more stories of this nature set in this “alterniverse.” the rest of me is happy that it all ended here.

Tracker Preview

Tracker Preview Cover

Jul 2009 | Top Cow

Writing: Johnathan Lincoln
Art: Francis Tsai
Letters: Troy Peteri

First Look

Now this is pleasantly surprising. A werewolf story i actually happen to like. I have always locoed werewolves, but never liked any of the movies or books I ever read. I wanted something more different and original and this book seems to be heading in the right direction, especially after reading the letters in the back of the book.

I don’t know where to begin. I really enjoyed this book. It has wonderful art and I’ve been really into crime and mystery books and having this supernatural angle, this werewolf serial killer running about, makes me giddy. The characters are interesting, the story well written, I have a feeling I’m going to like where this is going.

Celebrity Zombie Killers #1

Celebrity Zombie Killers #1 Cover

2009 | Ape Entertainment

Writing: Rick Copp
Cover: Sanford Green
Art: Mikhail Drujic

Part 1: Above and Below

I had no idea what to expect when I picked up this book. The cover looked compelling and word “zombie” was in the title so I thought to give it a whirl and I didn’t like it. I don’t like the celebrity life depicted in this issue. On fact, I hate celebrities like this and they are depicted flawlessly which gives the boom some credit. The art is good and suits the book, so there’s another thing going for it. It just isn’t my cup of tea. I hate the characters too much and didn’t like how most of the book was following these stupid tards to their zombie infested destination. Did it really need to take that long to get into the action?

XXX Zombies was entertaining. You had porn celebrities dealing with a zombie apocalypse. This feels more held back using generic celebrities. I dunno, I just didn’t feel it. Boring.

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