Batman the Brave and the Bold #1

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Mar 2009 | DC

Writing: Matt Wayne
Pencils: Andy Suriano
Ink: Dan Davis
Colour: Heroic Age
Letters: Randy Gentile

The Panic of the Composite Creature

After helping Aquaman defeat Carapax, Batman gets a call from Alfred telling him London’s in trouble. It’s getting attacked by a weird thing after the crown jewels. The resulting tremors gets Power Girl onto the scene and the two of them must put a stop to Luthor’s evil science.

The composite creature is an interesting idea, could have been disturbing put into a more adult comic. A creature made out of hundreds of people, faces still capable of speech. Ah, that could have been wonderful.

I’ve only caught two episodes of the cartoon and it wasn’t too bad, it’s no JLA or Beyond, but still watchable. This book is about the same and, like the show, it’s not too overly kiddy, so I can stand reading it, but like a lot of kiddy comics, there’s all that good character building stuff thrown in there that gives me the cold shivers remembering most of the things I read and watched as a child.

For all your strength, it was the brute force of your character that saved all these people.

The comic also includes "Secret Bat-Files" that describe Luthor and Power Girl. Meh, but useful if you didn’t know who they were.

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