Futurama #66

CoverMar 2013 | Bongo

Writing: Eric Rogers
Letters: Karen Bates
Colours: Nathan Hamill
Pencils: Tone Rodriguez
Ink: Dan Davis
Cover: Jason Ho | Mike Rote | Nathan Kane

Fry’s 20th century game night becomes dangerous when he and his friends are teleported to Hasbronia to compete for their lives playing life-sized versions of 20th century board games.

Well, I never expected some weird world inspired by board games from the cover or even the start. I had wondered what the conflict would be and it retrospect, I would have picked more interesting games than a Monopoly and Candy Land clone. Hungry Hungry Hippos could have been interesting along with Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots or Battleship even. How about Mouse Trap? Still, it entertained. The strangeness of it kept me going and the fact the conflict had to do with playing boardgames. The strange monster made of board game parts was a nice, weird touch.

Considering this was a nice self-contained story, and the fact it felt like Futurama, I probably will be picking up more issues here-and-there to fill out my comic hauls. This has me curious of The Simpsons comics, but I haven’t like the TV show in…. I don’t even know how many years.

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