Kabuki #1

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November 1994 | Calibur Press

Writing: David Mack
Art: David Mack
Letters: Joe Martin

Set in Japan on a future Earth, the Kabuki are Japan’s secret service, and pop icons deeply integrated into their culture.

This first issue gives us the story of Kabuki’s origin as well as inform us about the organization of Noh and what they work for.

Crime is the main enemy of Japan, and we get see beautiful assassinations of Kabuki’s targets.

The writing is as eloquent as the art and presentation of the book. The storytelling is very provocative and the world is well thought-out. It’s just awe inspiring. I could never grow tired of the exposition that just rolls off the tongue and turns each panel into perfection. The dialogue is perfect, and nothing seems unnecessary, or forced. Other books that will just slam you with a junk of everything-you-need-to-know and you wonder what it was that was going on, or the entire thing just feels out of place despite how useful the information was. It’s just a well design work of art.

I love black-and-white, especially the ink. Like I mentioned earlier, this whole book is just beautiful. It’s been so long since I’ve read this series, and it’s still as good as I remember.

Dog Eaters #2

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Dec 2008 | Dabel Brothers Publishing

Writing: Malcolm Wong
Art: Guillermo A. Angel
Colour: Ruben De Vela | Michael Bartolo
Letters: Bill Tortolini

The Clan and their visitor make it to Three Palms to resupply and enjoy the town. Tommy runs into trouble after beating the Mayor at poker and taking home his girl.

I’ll just say I’m glad Malcolm dropped me a comment. I’m even more glad I listened, despite the reservations I had after reading the first issue. It took me long enough to pick this is up.

For some reason, the problems I had in the past with the art didn’t trouble me. I really liked that spread of Three Palms with the casino. The setting is really grabbing my interest, especially with all the clans.

I’m not sure I care for the Black Dog Clan’s leader. Mostly from this marriage and there are some valid arguments against it. How could he do it to his former wife with such a lame excuse as increasing their numbers? Especially when there are other males in the group. That really gets under my skin.

I’m really starting to like Tommy, though, and how he can’t keep his mouth shut and is certainly a trouble magnet. I can’t wait to see what other humorous trouble he gets into. He’s my man, though I’d like to see more of Chunga. That chick is a tank.

I have no idea what’s in store for the clan, other than the obvious. I really hope those guys manage to settle. For the short-term, I’m anxious to see what other conflicts develop out of this wedding and what quest the Eagle Clan guy is on. I can’t wait to get my hands on the third issue. This is getting added to my pull list.

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