Batman the Brave and the Bold #2

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Apr 2009 | DC

Writing: Matt Wayne
Art: Phil Moy
Colour: Heroic Age
Letters: Swands

Attack of the Virtual Villains

Superman and Batman setup Toyman for a confession. Later, El Paso, Texas gets rampaged by Trolls and Dwarves out of the Craft of War videogame. Batman turns to Blue Beetle for help and they take the fight inside the game.

We have another hashing of the getting-sucked-into-a-videogame plot. This was so like a cartoon show, i liked it.

In my experience, young people aren’t lazy and disaffected, but eager to perform their civic duty.

Particularly when they don’t have to put down a game controller to do it!

Even has that typical witty ending when everyone laughs.

The Thinker and Blue Beetle are the Secret Bat-Files this time ‘round.

This wasn’t too bad an issue. I liked the previous story better, but such is the way of cartoons and comics like them.

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