Infestation #1

Infestation #1 Cover


Jan 2011 | IDW

Writing: Dan Abnett | Andy Lanning
Art: David Messina | Elena Casagrande
Ink: Gaetano Carlucci
Colour: ScarletGothica

CVO, a top-secret squad of vampire agents, protect humanity against supernatural threats. The latest of their problems is an exotic biological weapon containment breach that has something to do with an interdimentsional portal leading into a zombie dimension. So begins the zombie outbreak.

This issue begins the Infestation story arc that affects IDW’s Transformers, GI Joe, Star Trek and Ghostbusters universes using CVO as the core. A dimension of zombies use a portal to spread out across other worlds to feed their zombie collective. They take control of Benny, with his artillica, and use him and Britt to gain the info and power they need to spread out to other worlds and expand their hive.

I take the eternal hunger to where it needs to go.

To new supplies of meat and knowledge.

The further I take it, the more it eats. The more it eats, the smarter it gets.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen intelligent hive zombies in anything before. I wasn’t expecting this book to have much substance, just expected another gratuitious zombie tale to entertain and easily forget. This issue actually shows some substance. Yes, it is a bit crazy when you get down to it. I mean, a dimension of zombies using portals and stuff? That does sound retarded, but the writing is really good and it seems well thought out which has me even more excited to see the effects on the other universes. It sets up the crises really well. I can only hope the quality holds out.

Another thing I almost worried about was not being familiar with CVO. I have never read any of their books, but they give a rundown of the organization and characters and also give references to their issues with some topics. As I read the issue, it became apparant previous knowledge wasn’t necessary. I really like that in crossovers. Half the time I’m only familiar with one of the players and really want to read it, but I’ll often get lost with everything else going on.

I look forward to reading the next installment of the story arc and see how it goes. The art was really good, too. Britt is very nice on the eyes and I’m curious to what happened to her, or rather, this duality problem, not to mention how Transformers will faire. Zombie robots. Yeah. I really have to know.


Gore #1

Gore #1 Cover


Nov 2010 | GG Studio

Story: Alex Crippa
Pencils: Emilio Laiso
Colours: Alessia Nocera
>Flats: Domenico Nagliero | Alberto Baldisserotto
Lettering: Studio Blue
English Translation: Andrea Plazzi | Adam Mc Govern

Masks Part One

Venice, Italy 1880 AD. It’s time for the annual carnival, and people are mysteriously dying. It happens once a year at this time, when the portal from world of mirrored fairytales opens allowing the twisted residents to invade. The authorites deny foul play, and cover up the murders as best they can, but there’s more to the mystery. One man is determined to put a stop to it.

Right off the bat, I like the art. I don’t much like the shape of the hero guy’s head, but it’s no big deal. I’ll be shameless and say it’s all about the lovely curvaceous ladies, and the cover image did play a huge factor in my purchase. Though, I must say I’m pleasantly surprised there is actual substance to the book. I was fully prepared just for eye candy, but it has an interesting premise along the fable/fairytale lines.

… They’re the dark side of the fairy tales. Their opposite pages, if you wish.

My other surprise was a quality translation when I realized the book was actually Italian in origin. Also, the style of writing for the book has this feel to it I can’t really describe, a sort of slight over-the-topness you get from pulp stories. I’m typically not a fan of what I’m having a hard time describing, especially when it comes off as smarmy to me, but it’s all right in this book.

I am not too interested in the twisted fairytale angle. The dark side of the stories. The creatures you see seem to be a twisted little mermaid, a dwarf, and I think Cinderella is the queen, but that’s just a guess from what the guy said explaining what’s going on. It just seems kinda, I’m not sure, but I’ve seen lots of dark fairytale character art and such that I’d have liked something different in terms of demonic invasion. Still, I like the writing and art enough, and I’m curious as to why the authorities have their stance on covering the events, so I’ll keep reading it.

Crossed #9

Crossed #9 cover

Feb 2010 | Avatar

Writing: Garth Ennis
Art: Jacen Burrows
Colour: Juanmar

The two groups are hoping to reunite, but things don’t look good for either of them when the pack of crossed catch up.

This issue is difficult for me to review. The heavy feelings of it finally being over have put this weight of depression on me. It’s a feeling similar to what you get when you leave a great movie and walk out into the real world like you’ve just finally returned home, but the pangs of wanting to go back and experience more stick with you.

A few posts back I had complained about not wanting things to ride on a final confrontation. That’s exactly what I got. I have mixed feelings on this. I’m still a bit surprised I found myself rooting for the survivors. I am partially glad with the closure given by the final confrontation. I also feel the loss of more survivors deaths, particularly the two I wanted to live. It was awful and beautiful at the same time.

The exposition really helped this ending settle in my gut. It made me more open to accept how it ended and the more I think about it, the more I’m okay with that. It might not have had the epic wow I was looking for, but it had an impact nonetheless. Part of me craves more, but another part is content to leave things how they are. I don’t think any other survival-horror series will come close to having the effect Crossed had on me. I am glad to have read this. It will be a hard thing to fill this emptiness within me.

Be with you soon.

I promise.

Crossed #6

Crossed #6 cover

Jun 2009 | Avatar

Writing: Garth Ennis
Art: Jacen Burrows
Colour: Juanmar

The group continues their planning and learn some shocking things about one of their group mates.

Another wonderful issue. That scene where Geoff comes out and tells his story was totally hilarious and wonderful. I could totally picture that timid old man doing something like that. Damn, that was good.

And I still have only good things to say about this series, it’s wonderful dark and disturbing tone, and the beautiful violence. Their troubles just continue being a downward spiral and I’m always anxious what wonderful things await in the next issue. I will be sorry to see this end. There’s really not enough stuff like this out there.

Read it.

Gravel #0

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Dec 2007 | Avatar

Story: Warren Ellis
Script: Warren Ellis | Mike Wolfer
Art: Raulo Caceres
Colour: Greg Waller

Between the Wars

Gravel returns from being tied up in Afghanistan to learn he’s been presumed dead and replaced.

If the level of violence in this book is any indication of things to come, I will run to the store and buy it all. And this is not just good graphic violence with an angry main character, it’s got good writing to keep the ol’ brain stimulated to boot.

I totally dig Gravel. I love how he kills. I love how he talks. I just love him. I really can’t wait to see how he develops through the story and learn more about his magic and occupation.

What a great issue. This is on my need list. I need this.

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