Archie & Friends #131

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Jun 2009 | Archie Comics

Zero to Rock Hero Part 1
Stephen Oswald
Pencils: Bill Galvan
Ink: Al Milgrom
Colour: Glenn Whitmore
Letters: Jack Morelli

Battle of the Bands Part 1

Veronica’s father is throwing a Hollywood party and Veronica is pumped about all the celebrities she could meet, but daddykins party planner can’t do the job. Who will he turn to? Veronica, of course.  And the band? Josie and the Pussycats. But her friends threaten to ruin the party. Veronica’s only hope is to distract them with a videogame.

When I read the line of Veronica wanting a comic book after her, you could have probably sensed my eyes rolling miles away. I would have never pegged Veronica as one who reads comic books. However, I’ve been surprised by many things throughout life, as no doubt I have surprised others. In all likelihood, it’s probably just her vanity at work searching to further her *ahem* popularity.

I haven’t seriously touched an Archie comic since I was very young. I picked up a Jughead digest a couple years back that involved Jughead dating a girl and getting into anime. It was so unusual to see the same old Archie cast looking and talking the same, but with modern ideas. I have yet to see any of their “new look” stuff. I’m a little frightened of change. I’m not sure my mind could handle Archie looking different.

I was so young when I started reading Archie. I remember thinking that Veronica and Ronnie were too different people. For some reason, it didn’t occur to me that it was a nickname.

It’s still funny how they change names to avoid stepping on toes. Desperate Homebodies, Beverly Hillbillies 90210, even Rock Band/Guitar Hero get their own parody – Legendary Rock Heroes. And of course, the two bands have to duke it out.

Wait, what? Veronica has videogames and two consoles? This must be her way to reel in more people. I can’t image her playing anything. It absolutely blows my mind. Though, in retrospect, it’s not surprising her staff battled it out. I honestly don’t know how any one can stand that girl.

It seems odd that to prove which band is better, they’re resorting to a videogame. What does that prove? It’s not as if they’re playing real instruments and displaying real musical talent. Dumb. Especially when the crowd talks about how Josie and the Pussycats are on the way out and can’t even get a job. What does a videogame have to do with that? Pfft. Whatever.

But.., I have to know, so I’ll be reading the next one.

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