Mek #2

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Feb 2003 | Wildstorm

Writing: Warren Ellis
Art: Steve Rolston
Ink: Al Gordon
Colour: David Baron
Letters: Jenna Garcia

Sarissa learns how much Sky Road changed in her absence and learns some shocking information regarding RJ’s death.

It’s nice to see more interesting mek and get that flashback from Sarissa about how she started the Mek cultural movement at Sky Road along with the visit from the black market dealer for further perspective on the movement.

I enjoyed this issue. It wasn’t too exciting, though, being mostly talk about how things changed and a flashback. I’m still entranced with mek and the culture, so I really didn’t mind. This book has an awesome premise.

I’m really interested in seeing how Sarissa takes the shock and what she intends to do. With one remaining I’m afraid it might fizzle out or be too rushed. It’s a fear I always have with short series and one shots. I’m fairly confident I’ll be pleased.

Mek #1

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Jan 2003 | Homage Comics

By: Warren Ellis | Steve Rolston | Al Gordon
Colour Artist: David Baron
Letters: Jenna Garcia

Mek. It’s not just elective cosmetic surgery, but a cultural movement. Glowing neon hair, replaced eyes, limbs, and anything else the user the wants is available, but there’s also bad stuff from other countries, military stuff that has become a lucrative trade over the last few years. Sarissa Leon is a lobbyist working to make it easier to get enhancements without having to turn to bad sources. A friend of her has ended up dead, and she’s determined to get to the bottom of it.

This book has a very cool setting. I love the whole modification culture and seeing all the people’s enhancements. Girls with glowing neon hair, people with animal themed mods like fins on their back, claws, and wings. It’s very cool and if such technology was prolific and readily available to the public, I could see this happening. I really want to see more of the culture and different modifications and hope the next issue obliges.

The story is decent, so far. It’s got the good writing I expect from anything with Ellis’ name attached. It’s a good set-up and grabbed my interest like any first issue or preview should. I’m curious to learn whether or not this RJ chap was into bad things or just ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m sure I’ll find out and I’m really looking forward to the rest.

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