Gore #1

Gore #1 Cover


Nov 2010 | GG Studio

Story: Alex Crippa
Pencils: Emilio Laiso
Colours: Alessia Nocera
>Flats: Domenico Nagliero | Alberto Baldisserotto
Lettering: Studio Blue
English Translation: Andrea Plazzi | Adam Mc Govern

Masks Part One

Venice, Italy 1880 AD. It’s time for the annual carnival, and people are mysteriously dying. It happens once a year at this time, when the portal from world of mirrored fairytales opens allowing the twisted residents to invade. The authorites deny foul play, and cover up the murders as best they can, but there’s more to the mystery. One man is determined to put a stop to it.

Right off the bat, I like the art. I don’t much like the shape of the hero guy’s head, but it’s no big deal. I’ll be shameless and say it’s all about the lovely curvaceous ladies, and the cover image did play a huge factor in my purchase. Though, I must say I’m pleasantly surprised there is actual substance to the book. I was fully prepared just for eye candy, but it has an interesting premise along the fable/fairytale lines.

… They’re the dark side of the fairy tales. Their opposite pages, if you wish.

My other surprise was a quality translation when I realized the book was actually Italian in origin. Also, the style of writing for the book has this feel to it I can’t really describe, a sort of slight over-the-topness you get from pulp stories. I’m typically not a fan of what I’m having a hard time describing, especially when it comes off as smarmy to me, but it’s all right in this book.

I am not too interested in the twisted fairytale angle. The dark side of the stories. The creatures you see seem to be a twisted little mermaid, a dwarf, and I think Cinderella is the queen, but that’s just a guess from what the guy said explaining what’s going on. It just seems kinda, I’m not sure, but I’ve seen lots of dark fairytale character art and such that I’d have liked something different in terms of demonic invasion. Still, I like the writing and art enough, and I’m curious as to why the authorities have their stance on covering the events, so I’ll keep reading it.

Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #7

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Mar 2001 | Broadsword Comics

Writing: Jim Balent
Art: Jim Balent
Colour: Holly Golightly

After a year, Raven’s back with a new plan and a new apprentice. Tarot and Jon hook up and a coven of dark witches aren’t too pleased with Raven’s actions and want her dead.

Raven Hex – Return of the Dark Witch Part One

So these guys chase down some goth girl in the woods and Raven Hex makes an appearance. Dressed as she does and obviously looking like she means business, I’m very surprised that these stupid boys still talk big. Especially when they suspect her to be that “witch in the woods.” And when she casts her first spell, they still talk big. It’s no wonder they got what was coming to them.

And this goth girl wants to be Raven’s apprentice… Not surprised. Not impressed. Not liking it at all. Raven? Seriously. Just hurry up and use her and discard her. She’s not worth your time and attention.

And what’s with Raven’s new plan? Raising a magical island where all witches can live in peace. I never would have pegged Raven for some sort of goth hippie. Can’t we just go back to punishing humans or some other typical behavior? Ugh!

I would have thought taking a break I’d be a bit more open to everything I hate about this series, but it seems that hasn’t worked. I don’t know why I even though that since I had been collecting it for so long and only so recently started reading it.

The fan service in here provokes the gag reflex I have associated with stupid. Willowry’s new spider themed outfit with the black widow markings on the front of her thong? Yeah. Gag reflex. I’ve seen better crappy costumes like this for Halloween at Spencers. I should also note that the substance of her thong is made to look like a spider. It’s legs are the straps. I wasn’t surprised either.

And seriously, Tarot. You can do better than Jon that idiot Graveyard Guardian. I hope to see his death sometime in the future. I really can’t stand that guy.

And in terms of writing?

Tarot’s body behaved like a burning ember, searing her flesh into his. The union of the God and Goddess has taken place.

She is perfect in the afterglow.

That pretty much speaks for itself. I don’t care much for romance novel cheese.  The exposition still suffers, and these characters really need some new names. Willowry?

In defense of this series, I’ll say that I’m glad that it looks like we’ve returned to a main storyline with Crypt Chick still after resurrection, Raven still plotting for a better world for witches, and we’ve got the romance between Jon and Tarot in full bloom.

Also, Raven’s lines weren’t too bad at all, so I can’t complain there. Although that bit about the devil worshipping her if he were part of her religion was right out of a bad role playing campaign. There’s a tiny glimmer of hope for the future. It’s the size of a pin head, but it’s there.

Vinyl Underground #9

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Aug 2008 | Vertigo

Writing: Si Spencer
Pencils: Simon Gane
Ink: Ryan Kelly
Colour: Guy Major
Letters: Jared K. Fletcher

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Part Two

Steven’s body is under the knife and some men in suits come to clean up. The group find the old man with some test subjects and a bomb. Finally, an urban wolf comes to talk to Moz about his mother.

I practically slept through this book. I tried to read all the words, but some bubbles just didn’t make it past my eyes, just little white blobs with strange black, printed glyphs that held no meaning whatsoever. I almost need another cup of coffee.

Three issues left. I think I’ll try and get through another one. I’d like to finish this before next week.

Crawl Space XXXombies #1

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Oct 2007 | Image

Story: Rick Remender | Tony Moore | Kieron Dwyer
Writing: Rick Remender
Art: Kieron Dwyer
Colour: Lee Loughridge
Letters: Rus Wooton

It’s 1977 and it all started with one dead guy on a plane. It crashed, and then there were more. Zombies. Porn producer Wong Hung Lau and actor Jeremy Randel brought new talent and established talent to mansion in Hollywood for a three day shoot. They are oblivious to the chaos around them until after the city has been overrun.

I got a kick when the D&D nerds sitting on the Hollywood sign smoking their joint went up in flames in the middle of arguing about a red dragon. That was satisfying.

I’m also amazed at the sight of these broken, smoldering people didn’t phase or unnerve the rescue crew on scene. Miracle? I’ve seen too many movies to be so optimistic. And the part where one of the bites into the face of one those dudes, now that’s what I’m talking about. Good ol’ fashioned zombie gore.

Another highlight was when the director found Johnny outside displaying some zombie wood. What does he do? Brings him inside and gets him tied down to a table for a shoot, oblivious to the fact he’s among the walking dead. It’s even more amusing during the shoot his piece breaks off getting all sorts of icky gore all over the old girl.

Also, I should note that the adult content in here isn’t that bad. This is Image, after all. The most graphic thing in here is the violence and there’s some nudity.

This wasn’t a bad comic at all. It’s a bit of a more adult horror series in the vein of Tales From the Crypt. It had it’s humorously macabre moments and I’m a huge fan of horror series like this.

Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #6

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Jan 2006 | Broadsword

Created By: Jim Balent
Writing: Jim Balent
Art: Jim Balent
Colour: Holly Golightly | Nicki Riebel | Lauren Sabia | Hillary Nelson
Letters: Holly Golightly

Ghoulish Intentions

Boo Cat’s friend is hurt and she needs Tarot’s help to heal her, but it seems the two of them have a history together and Tarot isn’t very eager to help.

Licorice Dust. Add that to the list of ridiculously named characters in this book. And don’t forget Boo Cat while you’re at it. And really, who the heck sleeps like that? Tarot looks like a porn star in heat. Ugh. Even the fan service is bad.

Drop those bones! For I am the Skeleton Man..

I am actually amazed how stupid this book is. Every time I read, some new unbelievably stupid thing happens. It’s unbelievable. I don’t know how Jim does it. When I think things couldn’t get any worse, BAM!

Vampire?! Wow, that could have been dangerous! I don’t have anything to fight a vampire with! I’m glad she left!

Like I said. BAM!

Oh, and those spiders covering Licrorice Dust’s nipples are real spiders. You’d think they would have been squashed by now, but whatever. This is Tarot, after all.

I’m too tired and hungry to write any more about this, so that’s that.

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