Archie #602

Archie 602 Cover


Dec 2009 | Archie Comics

Script: Michael Uslan
Pencils: Stan Goldberg
Ink: Bob Smith
Letters: Jack Morelli
Colours: Glenn Whitmore

Archie Marries Veronice Part 3: It’s Twins

Veronica is pregnant. The happily married couple are are ecstatic and spread the news to their equaly ecstatic friends and Veronica asks Betty to be Godmother. Things get more chaotic when the twins arrive then we see some moments of them raising the children.

I didn’t care much for this issue. It jumps around through Veronica’s pregnancy and the birth of their twins. At least I was partially right. They had a girl and a boy. I didn’t find this as entertaining as the previous. In retrospect, I would have been happy ending at the end of the wedding. I got really bored halfway through finding it difficult to keep reading. I really didn’t care anymore about how their life would progress. The high point was the wedding. Everything that has followed has just been ‘bleh.’ The book did restore my interest again at the end when Archie returns to Memory Lane to walk down the other fork in the road. Of course, it leads to an alternate future and our “Archie Marries Betty” story that follows in the next three issues. I liked that part, it tied in to how this plot line started.  I am curious how the rest will go and the how entire story arc will resolve. It’s been an odd ride, thus far.


Archie #601

Archie 601


Nov 2009 | Archie Comics

Script: Michael Uslan
Pencils: Stan Goldberg
Ink: Bob Smith
Letters: Jack Morelli
Colours: Glenn Whitmore

Archie Marries Veronica Part 2: The Wedding

The wedding day is finally here. Archie and Veronica finally get married then it jumps a year later. Archie is working hard for Mr. Lodge and Veronica has exciting news… She’s pregnant!

This issue moved as quickly as the previous, going through the entire wedding chaos. I think I’ve warmed up to it, though, or at least gotten used to the style of it. I enjoyed it more; I actually felt a few pangs of sadness, there was this finality to it like I was reading one of the last issues of this series. I still feel a little of that as I sit here writing this and I still feel sorry for Betty. I didn’t expect the story to jump a year ahead with him working and Veronica pregnant. That caught me a little off-guard, but I suppose if we’re going to progress down this interesting “what if Archie married Veronica” tale, we might as well get the full picture.

I still find it hard to believe I’m reading a wedding story. The concept still remains one of those things I never would have expected to ever see in my lifetime. To be honest, I am still amazed the Archie comics are still continuing. However, from my reactions to this book, I wonder if I will feel for Veronica how I feel for Betty when I read the other story. I suppose I shall learn soon enough. As for the baby? I am going to guess it’s a girl.

Archie #600

Archie 600 Cover


OCT 2009 | Archie Comics

Script: Michael Uslan
Pencils: Stan Goldberg
Ink: Bob Smith
Letters: Jack Morelli
Colour: Glenn Whitmore

Archie Marries Veronica Part 1: The Proposal

Archie and the gang are about to graduate high school. After their last gig and dealing with the stress of his parents wanting him to go over college brochures, Archie takes a trip up memory lane only to return home to his future, graduating college and proposing to Veronica Lodge.

Since I was a kid reading Archie comics, he was always torn between Betty and Veronica and the ocasional other girl that would pop up sometimes. I always rooted for Betty, though I cannot really say I liked either of them. I really liked Moose & Midge and Jughead. I couldn’t really stand the other characters and I was never really much one for Archie. My father had subscribed to it and it was something to read.

When first hearing about this plot line, I had expected it to be somehow canonical, but when I got to the part where he walked up memory lane and we’re suddenly watching his future, I knew this story really wasn’t going to matter at all. Also when learning this story spans three issues, then they do the same thing with Betty for another three issues, following with an an epilogue, it just cemented that fact. And as far as I know, things continue on as normal for the gang. It sort of kills my excitement and wonder, especially it having been advertised as such a big deal. My curiosity still needed to be satisfied, though.

Things moved fairly quickly in this book, though, this is Archie and stories tend to move quickly, especially in gag comics like this. It still felt like an Archie comic, but I found myself yearning for a bit more substance. It seemed just a little too jumpy and too quick. There still seemed to be a bit of drama, though. I found myself feeling sorry for Betty through all this, hanging out with Jughead and wandering New York and having happened to stumble upon Archie proposing to Veronica at the jewelry store. Then you have Veronica calling her later to ask her to be her Maid of Honor. That poor, poor girl.

I’m interested in seeing how the rest of the story unfolds with the next issue being their wedding. I’m also curious to see the flip side of this coin with him marrying Betty. I still feel a little bit of disappointment, but maybe there are still some surprises in store for me. I shall press on and see how things go.

Spring Is In The Air

Spring Flower Vector

Springtime is finally here. The flowers are blooming, the rains have started, squirrels have reinvaded my wooded backyard, and love is in the air here at Super Nice. As I sit this morning contemplating my next few reviews I decided a theme is in order. Over the next five days, I shall be reviewing romance themed books. The first hurdle? Finding five romance-themed books I actually would want to read. It seems romance stories are harder to find these days, at least comics which center around such themes. Love and loss usually is spattered through the lives of all our favorite super-heroes. Sometimes the events are expected. Sometimes very less so. One such example I am reminded of is Marvel’s Deathurge. As a herald of oblivion, he had failed a simple task of bringing a soul to Oblivion. Cursed to be trapped in the form of a squirrel, the last I remember ever seeing of him, was what looked like him falling in love with Squirrel Girl’s squirrel company Tippy-Toe.

I have thought about digging through my books for the love stories that have passed; Spider-Man and Mary Jane, Pepper Potts affair with Tony Stark, The Fantastic Four Wedding Special, the Batman & Catwoman tension, Superman & Lois lane, Harley Quinn’s interesting relationship with the Joker. There are a lot more characters with interesting and entertaining tales of love I could re-read and review, but they are all very well known by now and I lack the desire to go back through them and find the issues I’d want. Rather than go through all that trouble to even hunt down which issues the events I’m looking for are featured (I’m terrible with that sort of thing), I’m opting to find things which I haven’t read, or are so old I cannot remember. I have a short list jotted down of things to dig for that I am considering, but I’m going to keep everything a surprise. Look for the first review coming soon!

Lillim #3

Lillim  cover

May 2009 | Image

Writing: Shaun Lapacek | Ian Keiser
Art: Matrix

Loki tells Bridgit the truth about himself and the two set off to Eden.

Loki’s story is a long one, being born of Adam and Lillith, we hear how man was cast out from Eden, but Lillith and her family remained, forgotten. He gives reason for all the great ancient civilizations falling, even the fabled Atlantis. And while he tells his tale, Brigit struggles with all of it.

It’s a very interesting tale. I particularly like the effort that went into fitting it in our history, though I did think it was a little dumb in the beginning, until the real conflict and prophecy came into play. At that point it became much more interesting and I could stomach the story more.

There’s only a very short scene involving his brother, but what he’s up to, other than something bad, isn’t yet known. The focus was entirely on Loki’s history, a lot to take in. I’m really hoping the next issue picks up the pace a bit more. Especially with only two issues left.

The art is all right. I wish there were something different about it, but I can’t pinpoint what it is I’d change.

This wasn’t my favorite issue of the bunch, I would have liked to have simply kept the story rolling, though I understand the back story was necessary. I’m interested to see how this story ends. It’s been… interesting.

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