Hotwire #3

Hotwire #3 Cover


Mar 2009 | Radical Comics

Creator: Steve Pugh | Warren Ellis
Story: Warren Ellis
Writer: Steve Pugh
Illustrator: Steve Pugh
Letters: Steve Pugh

Deep Blue

The riot continues and Hotwire has traced everything back to the cemetery, a sort of prison for the undead to keep them from invading. The blue lights have planned a jail break and Hotwire and her team must stop it.

More beautiful art and odd undead to look at; my favorite part of this book apart from the lovely Hotwire herself and all the cool ghostpunk tech that continues to be believable to me. More importantly, the story just keeps getting better.

The climax hits the book as hotwire discovers what’s really going on at the cemetery and it’s a terrible scenario to be faced with. The place is creepy and there are a lot of interesting killer blue lights down there and I love their designs, especially the one with all the razors caught in it’s magnetic field. That’s awesome and scary.

I always have worries with short story arcs of the pacing and not wrapping up well. The issue moves really fast, but doesn’t feel rushed even though there’s but one issue remaining. The events flowed really nicely together and I’m fairly confident things will wrap up nicely in the next issue, so I think I’m going to be okay. I know I had worries of other things regarding this book in the past and they turned out all right.

Hotwire is a great character and she continues to punch throughout the issue and handles herself well with the scenario. She has great personality and I love her sense of humour. It comes across well and fits the character.

You’ve got a way out, right?!

I have a map and I’m extremely motivated.

I’m looking forward to the conclusion of the story, though I will miss Hotwire and the world she lives.

Echo #13

Echo #13 Cover


Jun 2009 | Abstract Studio

Everything: Terry Moore
Colour: Brian Miller

Julie is still running for her life and news of the crater has hit the public. Everyone is scrambling to resolve this mess, only it keeps getting worse.

It’s been so long since I read the last issue of this book, and this one sucked me right back in. A lot happened in this book. Events were all over the place and frantic and simply awesome. I have no idea how Julie is going to get out of this.I have this feeling I have said that a lot throughout the story. I was really hoping she’d go with Ivy, but events didn’t turn out that way.

The high point for me was when the man went to Henri to claim some bodies, angry and hurt, its obvious he isn’t leaving without them. The book has handled HENRI and the leaking of information rather well. That was some good fallout and I really wonder if fists fly in the next issue regarding him.

The writing again is really awesome, along with the clean line art. The emotions of the characters come across really well, and with everything that happened this issue, I do get the sense of freneticism. Everyone’s time is running out and the proverbial crap storm has been consistently getting worse. Julie’s behavior does frustrate me, but I’m not too sure I’d act any differently if I had weird metal stuff slowly taking over my body.

I look forward to reading more of this. I hope it is sooner, rather than later, as it really is a good story and I have been greatly enjoying it so far.

Elephantmen #0

Elephantmen #0 Cover

Nov 2006 | Image

Writing: Richard Starkings
Art: Joe Casey
Letters: Comicraft

The disturbing origins of Elephantmen taking place in a lab in North Africa.

Right from the start this book grabbed me. Nikken’s wonderful character, the gruesome progression of his experiment, and the artwork. The art is so wonderful and so detailed and it captures the dark vein of the story. I stared at a lot of panels marveling at the beauty. I am really starting to feel I need an Elephantmen poster or two.

The writing was great. I particularly like the continual Kafkaesque brainwashing belting out through loudspeakers all throughout this book. It was pretty magical. I love crazy science and stuff like this and anything that reminds me of Kafka is always a plus.

There is no sense of self outside of Mappo. No independent thought… only thoughts of Mappo. You will hear no other voice except the voice of Mappo.

Oh, Nikken. How wonderfully crazy you are with your god complex. I’d really like to see more of this guy and his crazy experiments. I can only hope this isn’t the last of him. I want to see him at it again.

I have no idea where the story goes from here. I know nothing of this series, other than the beautiful covers I had seen over the years, so I’m very happy to now have the chance to see what it’s all about. This was a great beginning and introduction for me and I look forward to more.

Dead Space #4

Dead Space #4 Cover

Jun 2008 | Image

Writing: Anthony Johnston
Art: Ben Templesmith
Letters: Rus Wooton

The marker is being shuttled to the Ishimura and the planetcrack is on shedule. Things go even more sour once the planet is cracked.

The last page will be engraved in my mind forever. That wonderful monster hovering behind the colony manager as the truth of the marker is revealed makes me feel all warm in my chest. That’s the only real moment I had through this entire issue. It seems like I waited for that one image for a long time. Everything else didn’t matter to the point where reading felt like a chore. I just wanted the art to direct me without the burden of words.

I dont’t know what else to say. I’m too anxious to see the chaos and carnage that is to follow. I just want to move on. This is great movie material.

Dead Space #2

Dead Space #2 Cover

Apr 2008 | Image

Writing: Anthony Johnston
Art: Ben Templesmith
Letters: Rus Wooton

The crazies escalate and casualties increase over the artifact. While it is obvious it is all the doing of the strange symbol covered rock, the big man is unwilling to listen to reason.

Tom, Natalia, Neuwmann and the Commander seem to be the only ones not obsessed with that thing. I know it doesn’t end well, but I still can’t help rooting for them, which is not like me. I don’t like happy endings in my horror. I also get very aggravated with stuff like this, when people are too blind to see the real source of their problems.

Some people get the colony crazies, and suddenly it’s because we found a rock?

Those bastards deserve what’s coming to them and I look forward to seeing it. But, damn, this issue went by way to quickly. We’re starting to get into the meat of this conflict and this Unitology stuff is pretty whacked and creepy. When the pilgrims gathered at the site to pray, and the hallucinations people are experiencing. Reminds me of Tommyknockers, in a way.

I enjoyed this issue. The descent into madness is going at a nice pace and I’m wondering just what everyone plans to do with the artifact. Hopefully the four remaining issues will be enough for me.

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