I Hate Gallant Girl #1

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Nov 2008 | Image

Story: Jim Valentino
Script: Kat Cahill
Art: Seth Damoose
Colour: Kanila Tripp
Letters: Jason Hanley

Gallant Girl is a superhero chosen by a pageant, much like Miss America. Renee was Miss Maine, and despite her skills, her looks didn’t make the cut.

When a giant robot attacks the airport, she rises to the occasion and proves her worth as a hero. All it wins her is the honor of being Gallant Girl’s stunt double. She does all the work while the real Gallant Girl gets all the credit. Luckily she has a friend on the inside, and with his help, the hero’s life might be hers after all.

I am so excited about this comic. Actually, my excitement is merely in getting the chance to finally read this. I had been interested in this since a friend told me about it. It seemed exactly like something I’d enjoy.

You have the brains! You have the talent! You have the power and, most importantly, the chutzpah!

In fact, just between us, you have everything we could want in a gallant girl.

Everything but the looks!

I’m really liking this. The writing is good and the humor right up my alley. It’s really no surprise I would go for something like this. The art even matches well with the book. I’ve noticed that every series that has this style of humour ends up with this style of art. Not that it’s a bad thing, just my sensational powers of observation hard at work, though straining is more like it.

This is a good, strong start to the series that has me aching for me. Will it last? Or will it just end up another disappointment like almost everything else I’m reading?

Sometime’s I think I’m cursed just because I don’t like the big super-heroes of Marvel and DC.

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