Justice League Beyond 2.0 #1

Cover Image

Aug 10 | 2013

Writing: Christos N. Gage

Art: Iban Coello
Colour: Randy Mayor
Letters: Saida Temofonte
Cover: Khary Randolph | Saida Temofonte

The Power Struggle Part 1 of 8: System Errors

After fighting nanomechs, Superman’s powers go on the blitz thanks to something weird impacting the sun and causing them to flare out of control. The team do their best to figure out a solution, but it isn’t easy.

I wanted to read this book because Superman and Bruce Wayne are old, but still in the game. When I started in it felt like I jumped into the middle of something with it starting off with a battle, but it slid into a story that, frankly, I didn’t really care about. I wouldn’t mind if it were a one issue thing, or some side thing going on while other stuff is happening, but the fact it’s the focus of the issue, it just was… rather boring. It was just a fight, diagnosing Supermans condition, then trying solution, after solution, after solution.

The art is fine. It’s nice, clean, vibrant, and animated cartoon cool. It’s just not enough.

The next issue may not make it into my hands since this one did nothing for me. I don’t even care at seeing the cliffhanger resolved. However, it did remind me that I liked the issue of Batman Beyond I had read, and I understand there is another Justice League Beyond comic, so I will look into those.

Sorry, Superman. I just don’t care.

Spider-Girl #1

Spider-Girl #1 Cover

Spider-Girl #1 Cover

Apr 2011 | Marvel

Writing: Paul Tobin
Art: Clayton Henry
Colour: Chris Sotomayor
Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Spider-girl is back on the beat despite having previously lost her super powers. Living with her dad and still going to school, she spends her free time cleaning up the streets and tweeting her exploits. Things take a bad turn when Red Hulk shows up.

It seems a lot of comics I’ve been reading have begun with various words equating to how I never knew annoying about them. It has really made me question how much I really know about certain genres and my hobby. There is a lot of miscellaneous knowledge in my brain, and I can recognize a lot of characters in things, but most often than not, I’ve never read much, or anything of them.

Spider-Girl is one such topic. I can identify her in costume, but I couldn’t really tell you anything about her. I don’t read a lot of ongoing series, or long established things. My interest won’t always hold out. I prefer to read TPBs of story arcs that interest me, especially when they span several different series. Fortunately, the start of this issue gives a brief intro to the character before getting right into things, so I was able to read the book with more confidence.

I think I’m going to really like this. There are so many things about the character that I like. I like how the exposition is in the form of Spider-Girl’s tweets. I think that’s really cute. I like her personality and how she and her dad interact.

My daughter races across rooftops, swings through the streets, and then complains about walking up two flights of stairs.

Her time spent with Sue Storm was another great moment for me, especially the joke about hulk versus the thing, and their little heart-to-heart. It had a lot of nice heart warming moments for me that made me really believe and identify with Anya. The issue also had good balance between home life and super hero time, making it more real for me. I look forward to reading more.

John Byrne’s Next Men TPB #01

Next Men TPB #1 Cover


Dark Horse Comics

Writing: John Byrne

Sathanas, a strange being from the future, has come to the past to become ruler of the world. The Next Men, his superhero project, have escaped their virtual reality and found themselves fighting for their lives in the real world.

I had been meaning to read through this series for a long time, but had forgotten about it until I saw new issues at my LCS. I had been fairly certain the old one never concluded, so it excited me a bit knowing that this new stuff might just be that ending.

Alternative supers stories are typically easy buys for me. I like to break out from the normal faire flooding the shelves, and this one has been a good read. I particularly like how they know everything about the real world, but at the same time, don’t. It’s almost like some genetic memory. All the information is there, but they don’t understand how or why. Also, the differences in their knowledge is a nice touch. It makes their transition and problems with reality much more believable, like how they process new information.

Name’s Ducummen. Willis Ducummen. An’ you are..?

Danny. Ducummenwillis-ducummen–Can you help me?

A lot of things happen in this book and I still wonder what the future holds. Sathanas keeps assuring the congressmen that everything’s going just as planned, and while I do enjoy villains more than heroes, I’d like to see the Next Men get outta this one all right.

The art took me awhile to accept, though. I don’t particularly like it. I think the Next Men all look ugly and weird, but as I kept reading the book, it eventually stopped bothering me. That still doesn’t mean I don’t wish it were done differently, more that I tolerate it. The story is good and intriging enough that the art quality isn’t as important to me.

The rest of this series is on my list of things to read. I may start on the next volume today it was that good a read. It left a lasting impression making me want to see where the story goes to such a degree I’m impatient.

Echo #13

Echo #13 Cover


Jun 2009 | Abstract Studio

Everything: Terry Moore
Colour: Brian Miller

Julie is still running for her life and news of the crater has hit the public. Everyone is scrambling to resolve this mess, only it keeps getting worse.

It’s been so long since I read the last issue of this book, and this one sucked me right back in. A lot happened in this book. Events were all over the place and frantic and simply awesome. I have no idea how Julie is going to get out of this.I have this feeling I have said that a lot throughout the story. I was really hoping she’d go with Ivy, but events didn’t turn out that way.

The high point for me was when the man went to Henri to claim some bodies, angry and hurt, its obvious he isn’t leaving without them. The book has handled HENRI and the leaking of information rather well. That was some good fallout and I really wonder if fists fly in the next issue regarding him.

The writing again is really awesome, along with the clean line art. The emotions of the characters come across really well, and with everything that happened this issue, I do get the sense of freneticism. Everyone’s time is running out and the proverbial crap storm has been consistently getting worse. Julie’s behavior does frustrate me, but I’m not too sure I’d act any differently if I had weird metal stuff slowly taking over my body.

I look forward to reading more of this. I hope it is sooner, rather than later, as it really is a good story and I have been greatly enjoying it so far.

Superior #1

Superior #1 Cover


Dec 2010 | Icon

Writing: Mark Millar
Pencils: Leinil Yu
Ink: Gerry Alanguilan
Colour: Dave McCaig
Letters: VC’s Clayton Cowles

One Magic Wish

Simon Pooni is a good kid. He had it all until multiple schlorosis hit his life. Now he spends time with his best friend watching movies every friday night and enduring bullies. Everything changes when a talking astronaut monkey visits him in the night and grants him his wish transforming him into his favorite comic book hero.

This was a random grab at my last LCS visit. It was a first issue, and I liked how the cover looked. The interior art is mostly good, too, but there are some panels where people look really ugly-weird. It doesn’t bother me too much, but I don’t like one thing, though. Superior’s wrestling belt. It bothers me. I mean, for some reason, it really bothers me. I don’t know really why, or what else to say about it. I just don’t like it.

The story is really interesting. Here we have this nice kid who got struck with an awful disease and practically lost everything, and some crazy monkey turns him into his favorite superhero. I’m puzzled. It was a WTF moment, and I seriously hope there’s a decent enough explanation behind it. The other thing I have a problem with, is you’d think his wish would be more of being cured of his disease than turning into a superhero. It seems more like they just turned him into the hero, rather than it being his choice.

… out of six billion people, you have been selected. Out of six billion candidates, you were deemed the most appropriate…

I also like how after he turned into Superior and woke up on the floor of his room, he had been gone the whole day and the mom is freaking out because her son went missing. It will be interesting to see if Simon is stuck as Superior, or if he can change back into a boy, how his mother is going to handle all this. There’s so much drama that can happen which maintains my interest.

Aside from my issues of his wrestling belt and the strange results of his wish, I do look forward to reading more of it. I want to know why he’s Superior now and see how things play out. The writing was really good and I do enjoy alternative superhero stories, so I have a feeling that I’ll enjoy it.

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