Thundercats Sourebook

Image and video hosting by TinyPicJan 2003 | Wildstorm

Art: Ed McGuiness | Jason Martin | Dave Stewart | Dustin Nguyen | Joyce Chin | Carrie Strachan | JJ Kirby | Carlos D’Anda | Alex Sinclair | Joaquim Dos Santos | Humberto Ramos | Ashley Wood | Kaare Andrews | Socar Myles | Jason Pearson | Dan Norton | Tony Avina | Ale Garza | Richard Friend | Chris Walker | Joe Phillips | Dario Brizuela | Jim Lee | Randy Mayor | Long Vo | Charles Park | Uden’s Sako
Text: Ford Lytle Gilmore
Cover: Arthur Adams | Carrie Strachan

This nice little book is a collection of brief bios of the several characters, vehicles, and items making up the Thundercats universe. They serve as a nice refresher to the universe and provide enough information to get those new to series up to speed. Each subject is accompanied by beautiful art by varying artists also making this a nice artbook.

The subjects appearing in this book are as follows:

  • Thundercats (as a group)
  • Tygra
  • Mandora
  • Lunatacs
  • Hachiman
  • Lion-O
  • Mumm-Ra
  • Grune
  • Thunderkittens & Snarf
  • Bengali, Lynx-O & Pumyra
  • Thundertank & Fist Pounder
  • Panthro & Cheetara
  • Ratar-O
  • Mutants & Castle Plundar
  • Lion-O vs Mumm-Ra (Sword of Omens & Sword of Plundarr)
  • Berserkers

This is really just another piece of collector’s swag for any Thundercats fan and hard to recommend as a purchase. It ended up in my collection only as I had everything Thundercats on my pull list at my LCS.

Battle of the Planets Thundercats

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

May 2003 | Image

Writing: Munier Sharieff
Pencils: Alvin Lee | Rob Ross | Alan Tam
Colour: Therealt! | Ken Siu-Chong | Simon Yeung
Letters: Dreamer Design’s Robin Spehar | Dennis Heisler | Martin Barnes

The Spectra have found Thundera and plan to harvest it’s Thundrillium. G-Force must team up with the Thundercats before the planet is killed, reduced to wasteland, and before the fracture in space closes stranding G-Force on Thundera forever.

This crossover is pretty feasible. I could see the Spectra finding Thundera, harvest their resources, and enslave the populace as it does so many other worlds. I would have thought the mutants would have been too fearful of Mumm-ra to risk doing what they did, but oh well.

I’m not surprised I feel like I’m reading some sort of doujin. Being a crossover of Battle of the Planets and Thundercats, it’s hard not too, despite it coming from a respected publisher. It still puts me off a bit and makes me hard to take it seriously.

Still, it was a good crossover and story and I’m glad it was a one-off. I wouldn’t have invested in this, otherwise.

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