Hotwire #3

Hotwire #3 Cover


Mar 2009 | Radical Comics

Creator: Steve Pugh | Warren Ellis
Story: Warren Ellis
Writer: Steve Pugh
Illustrator: Steve Pugh
Letters: Steve Pugh

Deep Blue

The riot continues and Hotwire has traced everything back to the cemetery, a sort of prison for the undead to keep them from invading. The blue lights have planned a jail break and Hotwire and her team must stop it.

More beautiful art and odd undead to look at; my favorite part of this book apart from the lovely Hotwire herself and all the cool ghostpunk tech that continues to be believable to me. More importantly, the story just keeps getting better.

The climax hits the book as hotwire discovers what’s really going on at the cemetery and it’s a terrible scenario to be faced with. The place is creepy and there are a lot of interesting killer blue lights down there and I love their designs, especially the one with all the razors caught in it’s magnetic field. That’s awesome and scary.

I always have worries with short story arcs of the pacing and not wrapping up well. The issue moves really fast, but doesn’t feel rushed even though there’s but one issue remaining. The events flowed really nicely together and I’m fairly confident things will wrap up nicely in the next issue, so I think I’m going to be okay. I know I had worries of other things regarding this book in the past and they turned out all right.

Hotwire is a great character and she continues to punch throughout the issue and handles herself well with the scenario. She has great personality and I love her sense of humour. It comes across well and fits the character.

You’ve got a way out, right?!

I have a map and I’m extremely motivated.

I’m looking forward to the conclusion of the story, though I will miss Hotwire and the world she lives.


A Skeleton Story #1

A Skeleton Story #1 Cover


Jun 2010 | GG Studio

Plot: Alessandro Rak
Layout: Alessandro Rak | Andrea Scoppetta
>Pencils: Alessandro Rak
Colour: Alessandro Rak | Andrea Scoppetta
Letters:Studio Blue
English Translation:Andrea Plazzi | Adam McGovern

Will used to be a crook, until he died. Now he works as a detective in the world of the dead and is chasing a living cat.

When I saw the cover of this book, I was reminded of the Grim Fandango videogame. I’m not sure if that’s why I picked it up, though. I’m not too keen on the cover, but the interior art is so nice and cutely creepy it sucked me in. It’s very colourful and I really like the character designs and what the world of the dead looks like.

Like the last GG Studios book I read, this has a really good translation. The story is interesting. I’m not entirely sure where it’s going. It begins with a crime gone wrong and a watery death then our main character, Will, finds himself in the world of the dead and given a second a chance at his life. He chose to be a detective, though it’s not obvious apart from his clothing. He spends the issue chasing after this black cat that happens to be still alive. Other things happen in the book, like talk of revolution, a criminal being set free and the start of some villainous planning.

Aside from the art, the book didn’t grab me too much. I have no idea where the story is going though, other than I know a living little girl shows up at some point, but that didn’t happen during the issue. There’s a lot that happened but the book doesn’t start connecting the dots for you, so the first issue has left me a little confused and that confusion is my motivation to get the next issue. I am curious to see what the story is all about, since the girl and the cat seem to be the focus of the it. I also want to know why there are living leaves blowing around the dead world and what this talk of “revolution” is about. However, what I read is easily forgettable, so there’s a high chance that I won’t get any further than this. We’ll just have to see.

Dead Irons #1

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Jan 2009 | Dynamite

Writing: James Kuhoric
Art: Jason Shawn Alexander
Character Designs: Jae Lee
Letters: Simon Bowland

1838. The wild west. The Iron siblings are bounty hunter and they bring their prey in as dead as themselves leaving rivers of blood in their wake. They’re brother Silas has been tracking them and the group ain’t so pleased.

And other supernatural western hits the shelves. Why does it interest me? It’s the main cast that’s dead and you have to admit, that’s one sexy cover.

Alexander’s art is phenomenal. It’s so perfect for horror and images go well with Kuhoric’s excellent script. His words are very compelling and capture that old west tongue very well. I particularly liked the crazy preacher’s sermon. That was chillingly wonderful along with the scene where Silas’s father whips out some more religion. That old west religion is pretty scary stuff. I love it and how fanatical it gets.

You would compound your sins by lying in the face of the Almighty. The Devil’s in you, bastard child. He’s in you good and Deep.

But we’re gonna burn that fiend right out of you and brand you with the mark of the lord for all to see.

So wonderful. I’m amazed to find I love this book. I was bewitched after seeing the art on the first page and sold after reading all that wonderful exposition. I’m definitely going to splurge on this and get caught up.

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