Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #7

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Mar 2001 | Broadsword Comics

Writing: Jim Balent
Art: Jim Balent
Colour: Holly Golightly

After a year, Raven’s back with a new plan and a new apprentice. Tarot and Jon hook up and a coven of dark witches aren’t too pleased with Raven’s actions and want her dead.

Raven Hex – Return of the Dark Witch Part One

So these guys chase down some goth girl in the woods and Raven Hex makes an appearance. Dressed as she does and obviously looking like she means business, I’m very surprised that these stupid boys still talk big. Especially when they suspect her to be that “witch in the woods.” And when she casts her first spell, they still talk big. It’s no wonder they got what was coming to them.

And this goth girl wants to be Raven’s apprentice… Not surprised. Not impressed. Not liking it at all. Raven? Seriously. Just hurry up and use her and discard her. She’s not worth your time and attention.

And what’s with Raven’s new plan? Raising a magical island where all witches can live in peace. I never would have pegged Raven for some sort of goth hippie. Can’t we just go back to punishing humans or some other typical behavior? Ugh!

I would have thought taking a break I’d be a bit more open to everything I hate about this series, but it seems that hasn’t worked. I don’t know why I even though that since I had been collecting it for so long and only so recently started reading it.

The fan service in here provokes the gag reflex I have associated with stupid. Willowry’s new spider themed outfit with the black widow markings on the front of her thong? Yeah. Gag reflex. I’ve seen better crappy costumes like this for Halloween at Spencers. I should also note that the substance of her thong is made to look like a spider. It’s legs are the straps. I wasn’t surprised either.

And seriously, Tarot. You can do better than Jon that idiot Graveyard Guardian. I hope to see his death sometime in the future. I really can’t stand that guy.

And in terms of writing?

Tarot’s body behaved like a burning ember, searing her flesh into his. The union of the God and Goddess has taken place.

She is perfect in the afterglow.

That pretty much speaks for itself. I don’t care much for romance novel cheese.  The exposition still suffers, and these characters really need some new names. Willowry?

In defense of this series, I’ll say that I’m glad that it looks like we’ve returned to a main storyline with Crypt Chick still after resurrection, Raven still plotting for a better world for witches, and we’ve got the romance between Jon and Tarot in full bloom.

Also, Raven’s lines weren’t too bad at all, so I can’t complain there. Although that bit about the devil worshipping her if he were part of her religion was right out of a bad role playing campaign. There’s a tiny glimmer of hope for the future. It’s the size of a pin head, but it’s there.


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