Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter – The First Death #1

CoverJul 2007 | Marvel

Writing: Laurell K. Hamilton
Art: Wellinton Alves
Colour: Color Dojo
Letters: Bill Tortolini
Cover: Brett Booth

A vampire has been killing children and dumping their bodies for police to easily fine. Anita works with Dolph to hunt down the one responsible.

This book is part of a two-issue story Hamilton wrote especially for comics for fans that shows a bit of Anita’s past a year before Guilty Pleasures. It shows how her and Jean-Claude meet and it’s her first serial killer case. Being new to the franchise, I thought I’d begin here. I do have the first actual novel, but every attempt to get into fails. This, on the other hand, had different fingers. I enjoyed it quite a bit, actually. The art isn’t the greatest to me and looks off in ways I can’t describe other than I don’t particularly care for it. Everything else makes up for it.

I’m curious to see just how intricate the case is, being a two-issue thing, I’m not expecting anything too deep, but should I continue on it’s something I hope to find less obvious. I enjoy mysteries that aren’t transparent leaving the audience with all the needed information before the the heroes can solve things. I like to follow along with the detectives and such and work things out on my own as I read the stories, so that’s what I’m hoping for. I enjoy supernatural stuff, so this had better deliver in the long-term. Disappointments are so awful, especially about things you find exciting.

Anita is an interesting character. I didn’t know anything about her other than she hunts vampires, so this is my first exposure to who she is. She has psychic powers and there’s something about zombies, too which I can’t remember presently. She can sense day and night because of it. She used her psychic powers to sense vampire presences and strengths, too. I’d like to see this zombie angle and what else she can do. Hopefully I’ll see something new in next issue’s conclusion which I look forward to reading.

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