Shrapnel #1

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Jan 2009 | Radical Comics

Creation: Mark Long | Nick Sagan
Writing: M. Zachary Sherman
Art: Bagus Hutomo
Colour: Leos “Okita” NG
Letters: Jim Demonakos

Venus is the last remaining neutral colony in the solar system. When the Solar Empire lays claim to the planet, civil war erupts and Venus’ citizens stand to fight, save one.

This is the second series I’ve picked up from Radical Comics and I’d have to say I’m really impressed with the art. It’s wonderful. There’s only one problem. The ink comes off on my fingers just like newsprint, so you can see where I held the book. That’s extremely disappointing. I have to wear gloves.

I picked this one up blind, ordering it online for $1.50 simply for that reason, the cool covers, and being sci-fi. I didn’t get the cover I wanted, but I’m still happy with the one I got.

I’m not entirely disappointed. The setting is really fleshed out nicely and the story is progressing at a good pace. Nothing seems to rushed or jumpy. It’s a good set-up for the conflict and so much happens it doesn’t feel like a wasted issue. I can’t really say that it grabbed me enough to read more, though. It seemed like any other pilot you can take-or-leave, but will watch and enjoy if there’s no conflicts in it’s time slot.

It’s probably likely I’ll continue on with this since it’s so short and that I like the art enough. I have a god feeling that the next issue will be more interesting when we see if Sam, and her obvious military background, really abandons them.

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